The Perks of being a Pringle

Photo by Godisable Jacob from Pexels
From the endless teasing on social media, to tons of novels and series being about finding love, lets face it singletons have it hard.
“ Wahala dey for the person who no get boyfriend/girlfriend"
“ Valentine’s is coming, where is your boo?”
“Even screenshots get taken, but not you”
“ You mean say nobody dey send you good morning/goodnight texts? Not even how was your day?”
I mean when you see comments like these almost on a daily, it makes you want to believe that something may be wrong with you for being single ( aka a Pringle).

These comments may start as jokes, but if you let them, like play play they can become a great source of discontent and misery in our lives.

Truth is, there’ll always be someone or something out there, trying to “pepper" you, (i.e making you long /try to do everything in your power, to change your single status) if you’ll allow it.

If you’ve been feeling kinda down, or just plain sick of being a pringle, I gatchu! If you’ve been looking for a sign to keep on happily pringling(if that’s even a word), then this one’s for you. Folks, here’s why being a pringle rocks!

  • Pure, undiluted freedom

You’re free to do whatever the hell you want, where you want, how and with who you want. The freedom to try cool new things, meet new people, spend your time and money however you please, without having to fulfill “partner” roles, sounds like a mighty perk to me.

  • Flirting without fear

This is hands down my favorite reason to keep pringling. * Grins. Being able to hit on people freely (with sense of course) and having tons of crushes, appeals to me very much. No worries about getting a partner all worked up, because guess what? We’re free!

  • Peace of mind

According to bestselling author, Susan Winters, “relationships are mentally expensive and take up a lot of space in our minds”. Many people inevitably worry about the wellbeing of their partners and while this is kinda sweet, it could become an added source of stress to our lives.

Plus, in this day and age where someone can just come on Twitter and claim your boo as theirs, the single life is the surest bet to avoid embarrassment.

  • Decision making is less complicated

You’d love to see a movie on a whim, or try out a new restaurant alone, or even travel but you’ve got to factor in your partner. As a pringle, you can easily make decisions that make you happy, without having to compromise.

  • You get to make YOU a priority

Getting to know yourself, your likes, dislikes, and areas of your life that need improvement is an opportunity you might not get, while in a relationship. Prioritizing you and learning to love your own company is a liberating experience, one that frees you from the need to chase others.

This post was culled from Medium and was written by Tosin Olawoyin


Ogun State Government Appoints Laycon As Its New Youth Ambassador

The government of Ogun state has appointed the 2020 Big Brother Naija winner, Mr. Olamilekan Moshood Agbelesebioba, popularly known as Laycon as their new Youth Ambassador.

Laycon was appointed Youth Ambassador of Ogun State and offered a house in addition to cash gifts, by the state governor Prince Dapo Abiodun.

In a post on Twitter, the state governor said:
We have appointed the winner of the @BBNaija Lockdown, @itsLaycon Youth Ambassador of Ogun State in addition to house and cash gifts. I relayed this development today, when I played host to Olamilekan Moshood Agbelesebioba AKA Laycon in my Oke-Mosan office in Abeokuta.

The appointment and gifts are a celebration of Laycon’s good character, intellect and virtues which were proven to the whole world on live TV as better choices than vices.

A proud son of Ogun State, Laycon displayed the essence of focus in the face of temptations and provocations. This is the true Ogun State spirit, and it indeed confirms that this earned him his academic achievement at the University of Lagos.

Entertainment and academics mix finely for a good result. So I urge parents to let their children explore outside the classroom. We are therefore now finalising plans to establish in Ogun State, an Entertainment Village for artistes and artists to nurture their skills and talents.

Ogun State Youths are a blessing. Congratulations, Laycon. #BuildingOurFutureTogether #ISEYA

We felicitate with Laycon on this feat and wish him more. 

Davido Terminates Lil Frosh’s Contract over Domestic Violence Allegations

Davido Music Worldwide (DMW) has made it's position in the domestic violence allegations trailing Lil Frosh, a signee to the record label. 

DMW in a press release yesterday, terminated the recording contract of their artist, Lil Frosh, who was accused of physically abusing his girlfriend recently. 

The press released was issued soon after the story alongside disturbing pictures of the girl were posted online. This sparked public outrage across social media, hence DMW issued a public statement.

Nigerians have lauded this action by the record label, saying it is the right step to show they stand against domestic violence. 

Lil Frosh got signed by DMW label in October 2019. 

Netflix Movie Of The Week: Òlòtûré

Òlòturé is a Nigerian crime drama film directed by Kenneth Gyang from a screenplay by Yinka Ogun and Craig Freimond. It stars Sharon Ooja, Beverly Osu, Ada Ameh and Blossom Chukwujekwu.

Oloture tells the story of Òlòturé (Sharon Ooja), a young and naive Nigerian journalist who goes undercover to expose the dangerous and brutal underworld of human trafficking. 

Unused to this brutal environment, crawling with ruthless traders and pimps, Oloture finds warmth and friendship with Blessing, Linda and Beauty, the prostitutes she lives with. However, she gets drawn into their lifestyle and finds it difficult to cope. In her quest to uncover the truth, she pays the ultimate price – one that takes her to the verge of no return.

Set in Lagos, the movie tells of how sex workers are recruited and exploited overseas. Watch the trailer below and download the movie.


Rookie To Pro: Become a Professional Digital Marketer | SCRUTINEY

Scrutiney has put together the Rookie To Pro Digital Marketing Course, designed for business owners and those who wish to build a career in digital marketing. You will be taught the basis and core of digital marketing. And most importantly, how to apply it to whatever you do. You will learn the practicality of marketing any type of product, service, personal brand, or building a career in marketing.

The training is designed for:

  • Business Owners
  • Marketing Executives
  • Brand Strategists/Managers
  • Fresh Graduates
  • Digital Enthusiasts, Designers, Creatives
  • Traditional Marketers

Things you will learn include

Digital Marketing Foundation

Start by understanding how digital marketing works exactly; marketing research, setting clear marketing objectives, and identifying your target audiences.

Content Creation Strategy

Content is very core to successful marketing. You will learn how to plan, create and execute highly engaging content strategy (images, videos, blog posts, etc)

Social Media Management & Optimization

Understand how social media works; the best practices that can give you an edge and make you easily discovered by buyers. You will also learn about tools that can help you be more effective at managing your social media pages.

Mobile Video Creation

Videos drive a 157% increase in engagement and traffic. Learn how to easily make videos using your mobile phones.

Facebook & Instagram Ads

The best marketers do not just wait to be discovered by luck. They place their products or services before those who can buy. Reach more of your ideal customers using Facebook/Instagram ads. If you have had bad experiences in running ads, we have you covered.

Google My Business

Take advantage of Google’s large search volume by having your brand listed on Google My Business.

Marketing Strategy

You can’t afford to run your marketing just like everyone else. Learn how you can infuse creativity into your marketing.


Facebook Launches App To App Messaging For Instagram And Messenger

Facebook has announced an update to Instagram DMs as they introduce a new Messenger experience on the app. In their latest integration move, Facebook said it is allowing select users on Messenger and Instagram to message one another app to app.

The Verge reports that in addition to the launch of cross-platform messaging, Instagram is also getting a major overhaul of its DM system, which will be expanded with features taken from Messenger. With the update, Facebook says it will be much easier to stay connected without thinking about which app to use to reach out to your friends and family. 

The integration comes with 10 new features to help you have fun on the go as you interact with close friends and loved ones. The upgrade features new Instagram messaging tools such as custom emoji, vanishing messages, chat colors, selfie stickers, a new unwanted messages blocking feature and the introduction of Messenger’s Watch Together feature, which lets you watch videos with friends during a video call.

The Verge also reports that users will be able to reject the update if they choose, but Facebook will no doubt be betting that access to new features will encourage them to say yes. In addition to cross-platform messaging, users on Instagram and Messenger can also search for profiles across both apps simultaneously. Users can opt out of these features if they wish.

It is currently unclear when and where Instagram and Messenger cross-platform messaging will be made available. CNN however reports that, the feature is currently being “tested in select markets and will expand globally in the coming months.” There’s no public timeline on when Facebook might also begin integrating its other messaging behemoth, WhatsApp.

Here are all the features coming soon to the new Messenger experience on Instagram:
  • Communicate Across Apps: Seamlessly connect with friends and family across Instagram and Messenger by using either app to send messages and join video calls.
  • Watch Together: Enjoy watching videos on Facebook Watch, IGTV, Reels (coming soon!), TV shows, movies, and more with friends and family during a video call.
  • Vanish Mode: Choose a mode where seen messages disappear after they’re seen or when you close the chat.
  • Selfie Stickers: Create a series of boomerang stickers with your selfie to use in conversation.
  • Chat Colors: Personalize your chats with fun color gradients.
  • Custom Emoji Reactions: Create a shortcut of your favorite emojis to react quickly to messages from friends.
  • Forwarding: Easily share great content with up to five friends or groups.
  • Replies: Respond directly to a specific message in your chat and keep the conversation flowing.
  • Animated Message Effects: Add visual flair to your message with animated send effects.
  • Message Controls: Decide who can message you directly, and who can’t message you at all.
  • Enhanced Reporting and Blocking Updates: Now you can report full conversations in addition to single messages on Instagram, and receive proactive blocking suggestions across Instagram and Messenger when you add your accounts in the new Accounts Center.


How To Steal Meat From A Hot Pot Of Okro Soup 🤣

How To Steal Meat From A Hot Pot Of Okro Soup (ACE SAID SO)

Nostalgia has got me sharing this post. A lot of us from older generations would probably laugh this one off as I share a method, mostly known to the Eba generation and uncommon to the Indomie generation. 🤣

Stealing meat from pots of stew and soups was very common back in the days when an idle mind was the devils workshop. These days, I don't know anymore.

This post is just for fun. It is not even for educative purpose so don't try it. I won't be responsible for your actions when when you eventually get caught. 

Someone actually drafted this post and shared on a Facebook page and I could help share it with you. Please feel free to let us know if any steps were omitted via the comment section below.

My dear ex or aspiring soup vandalizer, here's how to steal meat from the pot 😂 as instructed by Adebisi Anthony

1. Enter the kitchen, look left and right if somebody is coming.

2. Check the position of the spoon how you met it so you will not make any mistake while leaving.

3. Open the pot gently. Don't let the cover drop or make any sound oh.

4. Count the meat inside if it is up to 5 or more. The lesser the meat, the more likely for your Mom, to detect a missing piece. Take one if it if is more but if it is less than 5, just bite them. As in, use your teeth to slim shape them. Bite small from all the lumps of meat so that if they count it, it will still be the same number then cover the pot slowly.

5. While eating the stolen piece, let your ears be at alert to hear footsteps oh. Don't let the soup stain your cloth or touch anything in the kitchen. If it does, quickly rush and wash that shirt to remove any traces to you.

6. After eating it, wash your hand with soap and smell it 5 times to know if it is still smelling soup soup.

7. Blow hot air from your mouth to perceive if it is smelling for soup.

Don't worry about that, just go to the container of garri, take some garri and chew it or chew garlic to kill the odour.

8. Now leave the kitchen like a saint.

VIDEO: Sauti Sol - Suzanna (Live Performance)

Sauti Sol has delivered an amazing video performance of their song “Suzanna” for Channel O. The song tackles the controversial phenomenon of sponsors/blessers. With their clever irreverent lyrics and sharp wit, they poke fun at a woman who is a beneficiary of the champagne life as sponsored by an older man.

Catch a glimpse of the video below:

Things Women Crave When Getting Intimate With You

Here are 5 things your woman is craving in the bedroom during your intimacy session. Check them out and tell us your thoughts in the comment session of the post below.

1 – Romance
With the exception of a sometimes necessary quickie, your wife is craving romance. There’s a difference between romance and s*x. However, romance easily paves the way for a pleasurable evening.

2 – Foreplay
To piggy back off of your wife craving romance, she desires foreplay. I know you’re turned on from a simple peck on the lips, but sometimes it takes more to make her “love come down;” so get busy.

3 – Different positions
You are 100% guaranteed to have an climax from having s*x missionary style.Your wife? Not so much. No worries, there are PLENTY of ways to reach her “G spot”. Cow-girl.Reverse cow-girl.Doggy-style. Take your pick, and let her get hers FIRST.

4 – Words of affirmation while in the act
If you’re able to catch your breath or utter out more than a groan, try saying “You’re beautiful” or “I love you so much” while making love. Trust me, your wife will remember it and cherish this long after you two have done the “do.”

5 – A sensual recap
After it’s all said and done, don’t disappear to go check the score of the game. Lay with her for awhile and hold her. Let her know she’s the best you ever had and how good she makes you feel. Kiss her, but be careful, because you may start another round.

Culled FromInformation Nigeria

BANTU's New Afrobeat Album “Everybody Get Agenda” Is Everything You Need

The Brotherhood Alliance Navigating Towards Unity (BANTU), is back with a new 10 tracks Afrobeats album themed "Everybody Get Agenda".

The album was recorded at Rigmaroll & Blackstar Studio in Lagos, Nigeria. The songs were produced by Grammy Award-winning producer & engineer Aman Junaid (George Clinton, TLC), mixed by Manu Schlindwein in Cologne, German (Patrice, Mariama, Angelique Kidjo), mastered by Tony Dawsey (Jay Z, GangStarr, Nine Inch Nails, Whitney Huston). 

The album which features Seun Kuti comes two years after the band by two brothers Ade Bantu and Abiodun, released "Agberos International".

Check out the full album below and share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

Breakfast or Dinner, Here's How To Make Stuffed Masa (Savory Rice Pancakes) | RECIPE

Here's How To Make Stuffed Masa (Savory Rice Pancakes) | RECIPE (ACE SAID SO)

I don't know what you call this in your native tongue. But from the North where I hail, we call it Waina or Masa. and After Kilishi and Suya, the next big thing we have up North is Masa. That what you'd call Savory Rice Pancakes (for those of you that like English 🙄)

If you have never eaten Suya and Masa raise your hands and comment your location on this post, and maybe I will send some over to you 🥰.

Right now I'll be showing you this recipe Mrs Kush has shared with us. Watch her teach how you can make your own Stuffed Masa (savory rice pancakes) right there in the comfort of your home.

The ingredients you will be needing include; 2 tbsp of rice flour (to make the cooked version), 1/2 Cup of Rice flour, 1 tsp Yeast, 1-2 tbsp Sugar (based on preference), Water and Salt to taste.


Cook the 2 tbsp of Rice flour with about 1/2 cup of water on medium heat til it thickens. Set aside and allow to cool completely. 

Pour the 1/2 Cup of Rice Flour into a bowl, add about 1 cup of water, yeast and sugar and allow to rise for one hour.

After the rise pour the cooked rice flour into the mixture add the salt and stir till properly combined.

Cook on medium heat in a well oiled masa pan or fry in small batches in a non stick pan.

You can stuff with anything you fancy or have them plain. I stuffed mine with chopped sausages and it was absolutely delicious!

Catch a glimpse of the video below.


Tems Meditates On Love, Life And Relationships In Her "For Broken Ears" (Ep)

It's here 🥰😍❤🥳🤸‍♀️

Tems meditates on love, life and relationships, and weaves subtle melodies with airy R&B production in a cool yet refined manner. Wrapping emotions in her arresting vocals, she ponders escapism on “Free Mind”, and explores newfound freedom from a love affair on the tropical-sounding “Damages”.

Announcing the release of the EP on her Instagram, Tems wrote:
God Hid me. And in Hiding I learnt the true nature of people as well as the true nature of my own heart.
This is for anyone looking for an alternative to the darkness. This is for those who needs a break from the toxicity they consume and supply on a daily basis.
This is for the Rebels because they expected us to follow them but we made our own path, by the Grace of God.


Get the album right here

VIDEO: Tems - Damages

VIDEO: Tems - Damages (ACE SAID SO)

Tems has ended the anticipation for her new video with the release of visuals for the song "Damages", which comes off her debut EP, "For Broken Ears". The track was produced by Spax and got video directions from Ademola Falomo.

Whether you like it or yes, Tems is a strong feminine energy to recon with and one cannot help but commend her commitment and for lending her big voice to making great quality music.

Be sure to update your gallery with this one from our favourite Alte singer songwriter and producer. 

Catch a glimpse of the video below:

Ka3na and Lucy Trade Sweet Notes As They Dish Out Major BFF Goals

Ka3na and Lucy Trade Sweet Notes As They Dish Out Major BFF Goals
"They say 2 wrongs don’t make a right, apparently, 2 craze make one cool". That's the spiral that binds Ka3na and Lucy together as one. Haven see multiple shades of both of them on screen while they were in the BBNaija lockdown house, they are now off screen and have set off a whole new buzz.

The two have now come to be BFFs and have shown off their bond with stylish photos and some of the most heart warming messages to each other. Check it out

Lucy first wrote:
They say 2 wrongs don’t make a right, apparently, 2 craze make one cool, you’re very awesome and anyone who doesn’t see that needs to visit an optician, I love you dearly @official_ka3na, and I would trade a thousand people for you and you know this, you look out for me so much its amazing, you own my heart anyday, it’s not about the length of time I’ve known you, more the quality of it, every moment spent with you is precious and priceless. Now let’s chop this life…

In a second note, Lucy writes:
She calls it soft landing, if not for you honey, making sure it was smooth and easy for me to fit into this new life, I don’t know, she flew into town the moment she heard I was out of the house, just to make sure I was in good hands, you’re always there to nudge me in the right direction.

I am too sure that people know when friendship is true and if for any reason you doubted how I felt, I’m sure we would have gone our separate ways by now.

It makes me so proud that this friendship isn’t one sided, I’m not worried about fights and quarrels coming in between us, it’s part of life, we’ve been through that before and we handled it well, so I am confident that we would be fine in the end.

To be very honest, I’d rather tell you these things in person, but I see a lot of people have concerns, I hope this answers the questions and puts every concerned person at peace. It will always be a pleasure to be your friend. 🥂 ✌️
#Bossnation #Lucination

In response, Ka3na wrote Lucy
Dear Lucy

There’s so much I want to say to you.. Right now writing this I’m so scared to express how much I value our friendship..
I know you sincerely care about me.., you did while on the show in the eyes of the world and still do outside their eyes.., There’s so much I would like to say and do with you but I still want to be sure this is actually REAL!

All my life I’ve wanted that one friendship that would mean more.. Someone who is never shy to show off our friendship.., Someone who is ever ready to give up the rest of the housemates to have me back.., Someone who will rather give up Wager task than to watch the housemates portray Ka3na wrongly 😉😊 Oh My Lucy @lucyedetofficial I can go on and on…

I went on the show with one goal which was to sell my name (Ka3na) But I got lucky😊😊 God blessed me with a girlfriend so pure and true❤️

You’re the person that someone can only live without, if they’ve never lived with them before. You light up every room, and lift up every single person around you. People need you.

Because you’ll hold them while they cry, and then be ready to beat down the person that made them cry ten minutes later. You’ll make them laugh even when they’re sad and you’ll forgive them for what they said when they were mad..

Ladies n Faithful Men, Meet My Friendship @lucyedetofficial
Guys you better not gossip this diva right here to me cos I will expose you Periodtt 😍😍

10 Qualities That Make You Unforgettable And Can Transform Your Relationships

Image: Adobe Stock
I still remember when my friend John called me on a Sunday afternoon two years ago. He had an enthusiastic tone in his voice. “I want you to meet Marta, she is the most incredible woman I’ve ever met. Come to my place tomorrow at 6 p.m. and I’ll introduce you to her.”

He was clearly head over heels. In the beginning, I was slightly skeptical, as I thought it was the typical lustful ‘honeymoon period’ that was influencing him, but I was truly glad to hear him happy and I accepted the invitation.

Fast forward to today, they are still together, and I know Marta much better. I now understand why John was overwhelmingly happy at the beginning of their relationship, and why he’s so in love with her today.

Marta is a great partner to my friend, she’s an amazing friend to me, and she also displays some personality traits that make it particularly difficult to forget her. These are characteristics that you can easily learn and apply to improve your relationships and truly connect with others.

 Being a Natural Giver

An example of this is when John lost his job. Marta didn’t hesitate to help and told him he could move into her place, so he didn’t have to pay any rent. When he found a new job, he told Marta he would give her back his part of the rent for the months he was unemployed.

However, Marta refused his offer. She told him he could contribute to the rent from that moment on, but that she didn’t want the money for the past few months. She did him a favor — a big favor — without expecting anything in return.

I have always found people like Marta to be unique. They are selfless, and that in itself makes them special.

Laughing at Yourself

When you take yourself too seriously you hold yourself to an impossibly high standard — which inevitably causes problems both for you and those around you. Anytime you don’t meet that standard, you feel bad about yourself.

People who don’t take themselves too seriously are OK with who they are and what they do because they love themselves and have learned to embrace their imperfect self. If something doesn’t go their way, they have the ability to laugh at themselves.

As John Haltiwanger mentions in one of his articles, being able to laugh at yourself is a sign of mental toughness. Also, as Mark Twain once said, “The human race has only one really effective weapon and that is laughter.” And it’s true.

Being Genuinely Happy for Other People’s Success

Envy is undoubtedly one of the worst threats to any kind of relationship. Miserable, insecure people are inherently jealous, which prevents them from connecting with others. People like Marta, instead, are truly happy when it comes to others’ achievements.

I remember when John got promoted in his department shortly after he got his new job. Marta was over the moon. She wanted to celebrate the promotion and organized a dinner at their place with some friends.

As Sean Kernan mentions in one of his articles, envy can be detrimental to relationships. When your partner is your cheerleader instead, and vice-versa, the bond gets stronger, because you both feel you have a true ally by your side. And this applies to any kind of relationship.
How to apply this, in a nutshell

Don’t compare yourself to others. You can be as successful as others; the important thing is that you pursue your dreams as they do theirs.

Learn to celebrate others’ accomplishments. Even if it’s not your own success, you have a reason to feel good — for someone else. So just go and feel good. Don’t feel threatened by other people’s success, make it an excuse to celebrate life instead.

Being Passionate About Something

I have always found people who are highly passionate about something to be very attractive. It could be enthusiasm for ten different things or even just one simple hobby.

People who pursue a career, a hobby, or any kind of dream with passion transmit a sense of the thrill of life that you can hardly ignore. Their enthusiasm and passion are contagious, and that in itself makes them unforgettable.
How to apply this, in a nutshell

Let’s be honest. You can’t force passion. So, make sure you find something to get involved with that you truly love. It can be writing, playing an instrument, your job, dancing, anything.

Get clarity of thought over what your life purpose is and go after it. If you haven’t identified anything yet, try different things; learn, travel, and read a lot. Enjoy the process. You will eventually find your life path, and you will fall in love with it.

This post was culled from Medium and was written by Sira M.