Nigerians Revolt FG's Imposure of Self-Certification Forms

Nigerians Blow Hot Against FG's Imposure of Self-Certification Forms
Nigerians are revolting the Federal governments mandate which requests that all account account holders across financial institutions such banks and insurance firms, to fill and submit Self-Certification Form or face stringent measure.

Late Thursday evening, Nigeria's Federal Government had in a Twitter thread made via their official handle, threatened to impose strict sanctions to penalize defaulters of the new mandate.

The tweet highlighted that;
“Failure to comply with the requirement to administer or execute this form attracts sanctions which may include monetary penalty or inability to operate the account. For more enquiries, visit FIRS’ website.”

Reacting to the information, well meaning Nigerians took to Twitter to voice out their concerns. Check them out below and tell us what you think in the comment section below.

FG Mandates Bank Account Holders To Submit Self-Certification Forms Or Face Stringent Measures

FG Mandates Bank Account Holders To Submit Self-Certification Forms
President Muhammadu Buhari
Nigeria's Federal Government has issued a mandate requesting all account holders across financial institutions such banks and insurance firms, to fill and submit Self-Certification Forms.

In a Twitter thread made via their official handle on Thursday evening, the Government threatened to impose sanctions which would include monetary penalty and in worse case scenario, those found wanting would be refused access to their accounts

The tweets reads thus; 
“This is to notify the general public that all account holders in Financial Institutions (Banks, Insurance Companies, etc) are required to obtain, complete and submit Self – Certification Forms to their respective Financial Institutions.

“Persons holding accounts in different financial institutions is required to complete & submit the form to each one of the institutions. The forms are required by the relevant financial institutions to carry out due diligence procedures in line with the Income Tax Regulations 2019

“The self-certification form is in 3 categories: Form for Entity, for Controlling Person (Individuals having controlling interest in a legal person, trustee, etc), form for individual.

“Failure to comply with the requirement to administer or execute this form attracts sanctions which may include monetary penalty or inability to operate the account. For more enquiries, visit FIRS’ website.”

This comes even after Nigerians have enrolled for the National Identity Management Commission in the country as well as National Identification Number and Bank Verification Number.

It's The Weekend: Check Out Mrs Kush's Homemade Suya Recipe

Check Out Mrs Kush's Homemade Suya Recipe

If you are a great fan of the most delicious night street snack ever and you care to learn how to do it yourself, then this recipe is yours sincerely.

Mrs. Kush takes on on a fun adventure on how to make your own spicy and mouth-watering suya in the comfort of your home.

For this recipe, we would be needing 300 – 500 gram of Beef,  Yaji (Suya Pepper),  some seasoning cubes, 100ml - 200ml of heart-friendly oil, onion, wooden skewers, cucumber, cabbage and tomato to garnish.

Ready? Catch a glimpse of the Vlog below.

Get Your Weekend Started With This Indian Butter Chicken Recipe By The Kitchen Muse

Get You Weekend Started With This Indian Butter Chicken Recipe By The Kitchen Muse

It seemed we took quite a long break on the food segment. The great thing is we are back and this time, it's like we never left.

Today's Vlog would take us through The Kitchen Muse's Indian Butter Chicken recipe. We would of course see the method of preparation before moving on to try out on our own.

I tell you, I'm already finding it hard to resist drooling over the mouth-watering picture of the dish. Let's head over already and watch Bukie take us on this one.

For the process, we would be needing 500g Boneless Chicken Breast, 2 Tbsp Butter, 1 Med Onion (Chopped), 2 Cloves Garlic, 1/2 Cup Heavy Cream, 2 Tbsp Garam Masala, 1 Tsp Cumin, 1 Tsp Turmeric Powder, 3/4 Cup Canned Tomatoes, 3/4 cup Unsweetened Yoghurt and 1 tsp Salt

We would also be needing 2 Cups All-Purpose Flour, 2 Tsp Active Dry Yeast, 1/8 Tsp Sugar, 1 1/2 Tbsp Milk and 1/2 Cup Warm Water to make the Naan bread

Catch a glimpse of the video below.


Chinenye Opeodu Blows Hot On Raising Boys To Embrace Their Emotions

Almost everyone’s heard phrases like:

“Boys don’t cry”
“Man up”
“Take it like a man”
“Na man you be”

The list is endless.

I have always wondered how these phrases came to be. It disheartens me to see how differently boys and girls are raised, yet we wonder why there is a great amount of prejudice and stereotypes in the world. Even with feminism on the rise, some of the mistakes our parents made in raising male and female children differently are still being repeated.

I am a very passionate woman. The women in my life are equally passionate, if not more. We do not hesitate to convey our feelings and we may cry just because a spider is tangled in its own web. I don’t consider this a weakness at all.

My brothers and father, on the other hand, are the opposite. My dad is a tough man outwardly and never says he loves you, but he’ll show this love through his actions. He always said to us that being too emotional was a woman’s feeble ploy to get her way. My older brothers are what you’ll refer to as ‘alpha males’, just like my dad. Their true emotions have always remained restrained, never seeping through any crack. Up till now, I regularly end our conversations with “I love you” and they respond with a grunt. But that didn’t stop us though, we owned our emotions and that’s probably because my mum was so in touch with her own feelings too.

Many men I know are like my brothers (sorry for tossing you fellas under the bus. I love you). Men have been so conditioned to hold back on their true feelings to avoid looking like a ‘sissy’. They have been wired to see vulnerability as a shortcoming, and not to act in any manner that could be considered as feminine. 

Patriarchy starts from the moment a child is born. When a father leaves the raising of his children to his wife simply because he is a man and his job is to look for money. When a boy is admonished for wanting to play with toys that have been ‘reserved’ for females. When you see a boy crying because he is genuinely hurt and you ask, “Are you a girl? Is it not this small thing?” 

Let’s not forget when you see a boy that bullies others and you jokingly praise him as a “bad guy”. Thinking about it now, I vividly remember times my parents traveled and my oldest brother was told to make sure he took charge because he was now the man of the house. My older sister, who was already doing a great job of it, was overlooked. We have all witnessed or partaken in any of these at some point.

As a mother of two growing boys and a daughter, I am learning to unlearn all the negative behaviors I’m used to. I am more aware of what is being projected towards both genders. 

I worry that when we tell boys not to cry, we are demanding that they snuff out their true self and we hinder them from expressing themselves freely. I worry that by telling them that they are inadvertently perceived as weak for expressing their emotions, we are strengthening the generational belief that women are the fragile sex. This unconsciously creates boys who, in their quest to prove their masculinity to the world, leave a jagged trail of hurt people in their wake – just to show that they are real ‘bad guys’.

How about we change the narrative? Just for a second, imagine a world where men had the right dose of ‘alpha’ (if they want) but also sensitive to both their emotions and that of others. Imagine a world where men are allowed to be vulnerable and to express their true feelings without being sneered at, and a world where men have high respect for the opposite gender. Wouldn’t that be so ideal? 

Those are the type of men I pray to raise. I think there is so much beauty in guiding children to be their most authentic and confident selves without letting the world dictate how they should or should not respond to events. 

The bottom line is that it is liberating to express yourself whether you’re male or female. I don’t want to raise a crybaby; notwithstanding boys should please cry whenever they feel the urge. Speak as you think it and love as hard as you feel. The world needs more men like you.

This post's full credit goes to Bella Naija

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels


MUSIC: Save Czay - Zobe

MUSIC: Save Czay - Zobe
Czay is here with another soul piercing gospel of sensuality embedded in his new track titled 'Zobe'. The track is a contemporary R&B which embraces a fuse of English and Hausa language, soul bound by an electrifying vocalization. 

Zobe, (which means ring) was the soundtrack to the 2017 Cinema Kpatakpata motion picture film, Bangis. The track was produced by Dareng CJ, and Czay wants us to munch on this as we await the release of his EP themed Petrichor

Meanwhile, stream 'Zobe' below and don't forget to leave a review in the comment section below.


Checkout The 5 C’s To Creating Great Content Marketing Campaign

If your business hasn’t begun to create content, it isn’t too late to start. While content marketing is the new oil, especially during the pandemic, it doesn’t mean it’s easy to do. After all, crafting great content involves planning and research.

The good news? Whether you are new to content marketing or are already implementing it, I’ve compiled 5 steps that’ll guide you while creating a content marketing campaign:
Being a curator isn’t an easy job, and it isn’t difficult either. As a curator, the first assignment you need to undertake is to understand your target audience, identify their pain points, and know the types of content that would serve as solutions to the problems they have. You might have tons of content ideas you want to share, but if you grab and share the first content you see, there’s a fat chance that your audience will begin to feel a disconnect with your brand and not come back for more.

So, even if a popular video or post is being shared by everyone and you know it isn’t suited for your business, please, don’t hop onto the bandwagon and share it. As a content curator, it’s your responsibility to discover the hidden gems your customers would like, and that means taking the time to create the right content for them.
Calibration means understanding and having your key performance indicators (KPIs) ready. Every single content your brand publishes must be connected to your overall content marketing strategy. If this isn’t done, you’d end up wasting time, energy, and money. Remember, creating interesting content isn’t enough. Your content has to be interesting, engaging, and moving your business closer to its content marketing goals.

After curating and calibrating your content, the next thing to do is content creation, and this might be the trickiest and hardest part. If you can’t create your content, I recommend that you outsource this job to a content creator instead of struggling with it.

For content creation, it’s dangerous to assume that the content you create for your audience must be in a particular form. Don’t assume that your audience wants videos or picture carousels only. Content comes in other forms such as infographics, white papers, case studies, eBooks, newsletters, games, etc.

So, whether you are new to content marketing or already implementing it, it’s important to be flexible and use various content types. Doing this will let you know the type of content your audience leans towards and the ones that need to go. Additionally, remember that not all content is created for the same purpose. For example, the kind of content you would create to achieve direct sales is different from that created for brand awareness purposes.
There’s no reason to create awesome content if no one sees it. The first rule of content circulation/distribution is figuring out which of the distribution channels need the utmost attention. If your followers watch videos, then you should focus on YouTube the most. If they like B2B articles, you might consider LinkedIn. If they like stunning pictures with punchy captions, Instagram would be your best bet. You can’t achieve an effective circulation of your content if you don’t understand how your audience consumes content.
If your content, even if it’s engaging and interesting, doesn’t push your target audience down the sales funnel, then you might need to restrategize. Pay attention to your audience’s actions across all of your social media platforms as well as the feedback you get from clients and potential customers. Who knows? There might be a goldmine waiting to be explored there.

There you have it! The 5 C’s to creating great content marketing campaigns? Are you using them to your advantage?

To your success,


This post's full credit goes to Bella Naija

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels


ALBUM: The Cavemen - Roots | 1001 Reasons You Should Get This Album πŸ₯°

I have never been this drawn to Highlife music than I am now. So I was binge-surfing YouTube when I stumbled on this track with a very attractive art work and it appeared to be the best decision I have made so far this year.

Trust me, after listening to it, I jumped on the next song by same guys and it appeared to be am album - so I went for the full album and it was titled 'Roots'. The group go by the name The Cavemen - and what a remarkable name it is for their band.

They send you back, down the Afro Highlife memory lane and it doesn't stop there. It's a contemporary fuse of the original Afro Highlife and a modern style which doesn't distort the original essence.

Their sound is deeply rooted in the irresistible drums and guitar strums which reunite the four cardinal points of music in your head 😊 I don't know what that means πŸ˜….

I found out the band is a group of two brothers, Kingsley Okorie and Benjamin James who are on a mission to bridge the generational gap between Highlife music of the past and the future.

Enough talk, get this album already. The Cavemen are here with Roots - their debut album. Download, listen enjoy and leave a review in the comment section below.
Roots is the Past, Present, and Future of Highlife music. Get it below.

VIDEO: Patoranking - Abule

Patoranking - Abule

It is either you find Patoranking bathing in his videos or someone else would be bathing. Any how sha, water must splash πŸ˜‚πŸ€£.

Patoranking has just released the visuals for his hyper-energetic Afro-dancehall hit titled 'Abule'. The much anticipated video was given direction by Director K.

The track Abule was produced by Telz and it comes off Patoranking's third studio album, 'Three'. 

Catch a glimpse of the video below and share your reviews with us in the comment section below.


Tecno Smartphones Are Secretly Stealing Money From People Around The World

Tecno Smartphones Are Secretly Stealing Money From People Around The World
It is no longer news that the world we live in,  has continued to rage on in a cyber pandemic. Stories about government and private spooky information gathering systems are not new to our ears. For quite a while we've seen several instances where our smartphones and social media platforms have been proven to be harvesting user data.

Tecno mobile users as well as consumers of other made in China phone users might want to have a rethink as new reports have indicted the devices for allegedly pilfering money from its users. 

BuzzFeed News who first broke the news, reported that some cheap Tecno phones have been pre-installed with a malware which is programmed to steal money from customers.

The case is very peculiar to the Tecno W2 phone which was said to have been pre-loaded with the Triada and xHelper software.

The stated malware would stealthily download and install apps and subscribe to paid services. This brought about excessive data consumption to unexpected billings especially for buyers who were already some of the most disadvantaged in the world.

In a session with Buzzfeed, Nathan Collier, an analyst with Malwarebytes stated that Triada and xHelper were very insidious as they not only create pop-ups and bring unrest to the phone users, the malware can’t be removed with a factory reset of the phone.

The phones are said to have been shipped to countries around the world infected with the Triada and xHelper software malware which was designed to steal money from phone users. 

Tecno Smartphones Are Secretly Stealing Money From Users Around The World

A bulk of the infected phones were shipped to Africa countries (their usual dumping ground); countries like South Africa, Egypt, Nigeria and Ghana are said to have received these phones. Indonesia and Myanmar were also said to have received the devices.

Secure-D, a professional cybersecurity firm and a leading anti-fraud platform reported that between March and December 2019, it had blocked well over 844,000 of such malware transactions.

Meanwhile, Transsion, the Tecno brand owners, has faulted Tecno mobile vendors within their supply chain as responsible for the malware. Transsion admitted it delivered fixes for the Triada malware in back in March of 2018 and that of xHelper late in 2019. This has still not solved the problem as cases of the malware are still being reported even through April of 2020.

Though Tecno is appealing, this development has done and is doing a huge damage to Tecno's reputation even though there has been no evidence of a malicious intent on their part. 

Tecno is one of the few brands aimed primarily at low-budget buyers. Potential Tecno phone buyers are now in a dilemma as they may not have many alternatives if they choose to avoid Tecno products.


MUSIC: AfroBoyClingzy - Born To Win

Clinton Ngozi popularly known as AfroBoyClingzy, is a fast rising Nigerian Reggae Artiste who hails from Abia State, Nigeria.

Currently signed to AfroBoy Empire, the youngster aspires to carve a niche for himself in the entertainment industry via his unique style and musical talent.

Clinton is a graduate of the Federal Polytechnic Nekede who served in capacity of the SUG's Director of Socials at the institution.

Check out the track below. Download, listen and share. Most importantly, don't forget to leave a review or thoughts in the comment section below.

BREAKING: Lionel Messi To Join Manchester City; Seeks Contract Termination At Barcelona

Lionel Messi Seeks Contract Termination From Barcelona
Marcelo Bechler of Esporte Interativo reports that Lionel Messi has indicated a desire to join Manchester City, and now seeks to terminate his contract at Barcelona
Barcelona is on the very brink of losing their long-term talisman, Lionel Messi who is now phased with making the move to terminate his contract at Barcelona.

The 33 year old Argentine has indicated interest in joining and playing for Manchester City. Goal reports that Messi has been in touch with Pep Guardiola.

Messi's decision to leave the La Liga side Barcelona this summer has continued to develop throughout Tuesday night and into Wednesday, as various sources provide additional details into the next phase for Lionel Messi.

Marcelo Bechler, the reporter who was first to break the news that Neymar was leaving Barcelona, is also being credited for breaking the news about Messi's departure to Manchester City. 

Manchester City are claimed to have the biggest chance of securing Lionel Messi as there have also been conversation between Messi's entourage and the City hierarchy, reports claim.

Meanwhile, Manchester United and Arsenal are also gunning to have him on their side.

What do you make of this development; is Messi making a good pick? Do tell us in the comment section below.


We Are Definitely Expecting This Timbaland and Niniola's Collaboration 😍

We Are Definitely Expecting This Timbaland and Niniola's Collaboration 😍
Ladies and gentlemen, I think we have an upcoming collaboration from Niniola and American rapper and record producer, Timbaland.

We might as well say it's a yes from our very own eccentric songstress Niniola who got Timbaland vibing and stepping to her yet-to-drop track.

Timbaland just released short clip of him stepping to the unreleased track on his Twitter, and captioned it; "when we dropping this @OfficialNiniola"

Catch a glimpse of the clip below and tell us your expectations in the comment section below.


TEASER: Bisola Ayieola & Lola Idije Star In Biodun Stephen’s Film 'Glimpse'

Bisola Ayieola & Lola Idije Star In Biodun Stephen’s Film 'Glimpse'
Bisola Aiyeola and Lola Idije are co-stars in Biodun Stephen's upcoming movie titled Glimpse. 

The faith-based film which was scripted, produced and directed by Biodun Stephen, was first teased in 2017. 

Biodun has now released a new teaser to for the upcoming film. Catch a glimpse of it below and tell us your expectations in the comment section below


BREAKING: President Buhari Extends COVID-19 Lockdown By Four Weeks

President Buhari Extends COVID-19 Lockdown By Four Weeks
President Muhammadu Buhari
As part of frantic efforts to combat Coronavirus spread in the country, Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari has approved another four weeks lockdown in what would be the second phase of the eased lockdown.

Breaking the news was the Chairman of the Presidential Task Force (PTF) on COVID-19 and Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF), Mr Boss Mustapha, who made the announcement during the Task Force briefing in Abuja on Thursday.

The decision to extend the lockdown comes after President Buhari's meeting with the task force to assess the progress made so far in mitigating further spread of Coronavirus in the Nation. 

Boss Mustapha told newsmen today that the PTF had among other things, recommended the extension of the current ease of lockdown which has just been approved. Also on the recommendation list to the President, was ensuring that the current phase of the response was retained but with minor changes to address health, economic and socio-political concerns.

In the address, the SGF noted that, some of the major changes being proposed are geared towards granting of permissions to exit classes to resume ahead of examinations, re-opening of rail transportation within established parameters and achieving the gradual re-opening of international air flights within established parameters.

This extension is the third for the second phase of lockdown currently observed across the country.

Culled from: Channels TV