Cynthia Morgan Dies After Open Letter To Jude And Joy | Introduces 'The Madrina'

Cynthia Morgan has in an effort to set the records straight and prepare herself for another glorius career take off, issued an open letter apologizing to Jude Okoye, her former manager, Joy Tongo and all her fans.

While apologizing for letting her hurt and pains take over her emotions, she appreciated all her supporters who stood by her through her gloomy days.  

Cynthia Morgan also thanked Davido and all those who showed her love and concern after her story hit the surface. She asked for patience and understanding from her supporters.

She also used medium to formally introduce herself as ‘The Madrina’, putting a death to Cynthia Morgan as we may know her.

Catch a glimpse of the letter below:


MUSIC: Hempire Mindstates feat. Prodi, Phrizz, Alexx GG, Riley, Rodo - Pandemic Flows

Freshout of the archive of Hempire Mindstates is a festival of bars titled Pandemic flows.

Label frontliner Prodi formerly known as Prodigal IX teams up with Rodo, Phrizz, Alexx GG and Riley to deliver this jam that will get your playlist buzzing. 

The song which was mixed and mastered by Annex Zamani, is a HipHop jam with a subtle sample that you definitely will like. 

Here is a Pandemic Flows. Download listen Enjoy and share. Don't forget to leave a review in the comment section below. 

Assessing The Nigerian Economy In Relation To COVID-19 - Best Fiscal Policy To Aid Economic Growth

Daniel Anowu writes: With 4.4 million coronavirus cases and 296,101 deaths globally, the world lingers in battling the coronavirus pandemic. Before the occurrence, the perspective for the world economy and especially developing African countries like Nigeria were fragile, as global GDP growth was estimated to be only 2.5 percent in 2020. While many developing countries have recorded comparatively fewer cases, Nigeria currently has over 4,787 confirmed cases and 158 deaths as 13th May 2020 confirmed by the NCDC. The weak capacity of health care systems in the country is likely to aggravate the pandemic and its impact on the Nigerian economy.

Afore the pandemic, the Nigerian government had been struggling with weak recovery from the 2014 oil price shock, with GDP growth conical around 2.3 percent in 2019. In February, the IMF revised the 2020 GDP growth rate from 2.5 percent to 2 percent, as a result of relatively low oil prices and limited fiscal space. Relatedly, the country’s debt profile has been a source of concern for policymakers and development practitioners as the most recent estimate puts the debt service-to-revenue ratio at 60 percent, which is likely to worsen amid the steep decline in revenue associated with falling oil prices. These constraining factors will aggravate the economic impact of the COVID-19 outbreak and make it more difficult for the government to weather the crisis.

No economy is spared from the fall-out from COVID-19 outbreak. Meanwhile, oil prices have dipped to historical lows, and its support levels are noticeably not in sight as it clipped US$20pb on 30thof March, 2020. Oil production has outpaced demand due to the impasse between OPEC and OPEC +(Russia) in a bid to rein in threats from the surge in the US on oil production also, worse events still ahead as demand may dip further in half-year 2020 and beyond, if factories and airlines remain closed, even as movement of people and goods within and between countries are largely restricted. 

The resulting effect of this is that Aggregate demand will fall, but government expenditure will rise. Currently, efforts were already being made to bolster aggregate demand through increased government spending and tax cuts for businesses. The public budget increased from 8.83 trillion naira ($24.53 billion) in 2019 to 10.59 trillion naira ($29.42 billion) in 2020, representing 11 percent of the national GDP, while small businesses have been exempted from company income tax, and the tax rate for medium-sized businesses has been revised downwards from 30 to 20 percent. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 crisis is causing all components of aggregate demand, except for government purchases, to fall.

COVID-19 pandemic affects the components of aggregate demand with the following:
Falling consumption pattern
Falling Investments
Upsurge Government spending
Decreasing Net Exports

The fall in household consumption in Nigeria will stem from;
 1) Partial (or full) restrictions on movement, thus causing consumers to spend primarily on essential goods and services.
2) Low potentials of future income, particularly by workers in the gig economy that are engaged on a short-term/contract basis, as well as the working poor in the informal economy.
3) The destruction of wealth and expected wealth as a result of the decline in assets such as stocks and home equity. Movement restrictions have not only reduced the consumption of nonessential commodities in general, but have affected the income-generating capacity of these groups, thus reducing their consumption expenditure.

Fiscal policy refers to the use of government spending and tax policies to influence economic conditions. In relation to COVID-19, the federal government of Nigeria has put in place the following policies

Expansionary Fiscal Policy
During a recession, the government may employ expansionary fiscal policy by lowering tax rates to increase aggregate demand and fuel economic growth. The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has arranged a fiscal stimulus package, including a 50 billion naira ($138.89 million) credit facility to households and small and medium enterprises most affected by the pandemic, a 100 billion naira ($277.78 million) loan to the health sector, and a 1 trillion naira ($2.78 billion) to the manufacturing sector. In addition, the interest rates on all CBN interventions have been revised downwards from 9 to 5 percent, and a one-year moratorium on CBN intervention facilities has been introduced, effective March 1.

With oil being Nigeria’s main source of foreign exchange, amid the steep decline in oil prices, the official exchange rate has been adjusted from 306 to 360 naira. The exchange rate under the investors and exporters (I&E) window has also been adjusted from 360 to 380 naira in order to unify the exchange rates across the I&E window, Bureau de Change, and retail and wholesale windows. Furthermore, the government has introduced import duty waivers for pharmaceutical companies and increased efforts toward ensuring that they receive forex.

Other Suggested Policy Responses That Can Be Implemented As Suggested By Experts
Given the size and scope of the economic impact of the pandemic, there is the need to implement other recovery strategies to stimulate demand. 

The federal government should improve efforts towards enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the distributive mechanisms to reach households that are worst-hit by the pandemic.

The Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) as well as State Inland Revenue Services (SIRS) should waive payments on personal and corporate income tax for the second quarter of 2020, considering that the shock has affected the income and profits of households and businesses.

The CBN’s decision to increase the cash reserve ratio (CRR) from 22.5 percent to 27.5 percent in January 2020 should be revisited to provide liquidity for banks so that banks can, in turn, create credit to the private sector.

FIRS and SIRS should delay tax collection for the worse-hit sectors including tourism, the airline industry, and hoteliers in order to enable them recover from the steep decline in demand.

The COVID-19 pandemic is a wake-up call to policymakers as the unusual and unprecedented nature of the crisis has made it impossible for citizens to rely on foreign health care services and more difficult to solicit for international support given the competing demand for medical supplies and equipment. A more integrated response spanning several sectors—including the health, finance, and trade sectors—is required to address structural issues that make the country less resilient to shocks and limit its range of policy responses. In the long term, tougher decisions need to be made, including but not limited to diversifying the country’s revenue base away from oil exports and improving investments in the health care sector in ensuring that the economy is able to recover quickly from difficult conditions in the future.

Written By: Daniel Anowu


MUSIC: Czay - A Song To Make Love To

Before you listen to this track, I just want to let you know that my friend Czay don spoil finish. He indeed needs a saving hence the #saveCzay

Just when we thought the guy was becoming okay, he has dropped his 'only fans' link to yet another sensual creation off of his desk. 

In this baby making music titled A Song To Make Love To, Czay did the unthinkable and I wouldn't want to be the one to tell you what it is. 

For your own good, this song is best listened to on a good headphone or bass-balanced sound system like a Sony or LG home theater. Choose a good evening or a great 04:00am for this song.

Listen and share your thoughts in the comment section below šŸ˜‰

Twitter Staff Can Now Work From Home Forever

Twitter Staff Can Now Work From Home Forever
In what has been described as "an era-defining moment" by one digital innovation expert, Twitter has given its staff the leeway to work from home 'forever' if they wish, as the company looks towards the future after the coronavirus pandemic - BBC reports.

Twitter cited the success recorded while working from home during the lockdown as the reason for its decision.

The social media giant however admitted it would allow workers to return to the office if they choose when it reopens.

This comes after Google and Facebook announced that their staff can work from home until the end of the pandemic and the year.

Twitter issued a statement which read thus: 

"The past few months have proven we can make that work. So if our employees are in a role and situation that enables them to work from home and they want to continue to do so forever, we will make that happen."

Twitter added that for staff who are keen to return to the company's office, 'they will be welcomed and with some additional precautions'.

Jeff Bezos To Become The World's First Trillionaire And People Aren't Happy | See Why

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is reportedly on his way to becoming the first trillionaire in the world. According to a recent study by Comparisun, Jeff's estimated net worth could reach $1 trillion by the year 2026. 

Though this isn't a new report, it however started to trend on Twitter since Wednesday and a lot of people are pointing out how the Amazon founder  is benefiting from the coronavirus pandemic to the detriment of millions of people who remain unemployed. 

According to Forbes, Jeff Bezos is currently worth around $142.4 billion and Amazon is expected to witness more bloom as sales in the first three months of 2020 climbed to about $75 million as compared to the $60 million made from sales last year. 

It's been said that; "with the possibility of further lockdowns and a second wave of the virus, Amazon could continue to make an absurd amount of money despite the global crisis."

This news comes shortly after it was announced that Amazon would end wage increases and double overtime pay for its employees this coming June.

Meanwhile, a lot of people have taken to Twitter to share their concerns about Jeff Bezos amassing wealth and how he's riding on the heads of people against all odds. Check out the reactions below and let us know what you think in the comment section below šŸ˜ 

WATCH | The Season Finale of 'Skinny Girl in Transit'

Get in here oh yee super fans of great entertainment series. The season finale of our favorite web series, 'Skinny Girl in Transit' is finally out. 

In the concluding episode of 'Skinny Girl in Transit', it's twists and turns for Tiwa who decides to take up a managerial role at the Radio station after quiting ABC Media. The Macaulay family seem to have it going for them while Mama Tiwa hooks on a new hobby whereas Wosi doesn't make it at fashion school. And there's more šŸ˜œ

Jump on the excitement already. Catch a glimpse of the season finale below. Don't forget to leave your comments and thoughts in the comment section below. šŸŽ‰šŸŽ‰šŸŽ‰


MUSIC: PCent x Mc Oliviera - Corona

Nigerian Icon star, PCent has just released this track that will melt your heart and rekindle your spirit of compassion on humanity in these rather trying times in Nigeria's history.

The track is titled Corona and it features an epic spoken word session handed down by MC Oliviera. PCent released the track as part of his corporate social responsibility to the public to sensitize them on the reality of the coronavirus pandemic which is currently plaguing the world.

The song Corona is produced by X-Don. Feel free to download, listen, and enjoy. Remember that sharing is caring and so do share this track with your friends and family.

Connect with PCent across all social media platforms. See music poster for details.


MUSIC: Jeen - Everything

Jeen is apparently one of the few talents who is making the most of his self isolation time.

After turning up the heat with his first track of the year 2020 which he titled 'Mad', Jeen is back with a second sensational single titled Everything and this new tune would surely make your quarantine playlist. 

The track is accessible on digital stores for all music streamers. Listen and share your thoughts via the comment section below.

M.I. Abaga Teams Up With Rapper AQ On New EP Titled 'The Live Report'

Mr. Incredible or M.I. Abaga as he is fondly called has gifted us a new EP (Exended Play) which is titled 'The Live Report'. 

The 6-tracks project was a collaboration with rapper AQ. The beats were produced by Jayy and M.I. took it upon himself to do the mixing and mastering.

See Who Won 150 Million Naira At 'Access The Stars' Season 1

Charles Akinloye, who is best known as ‘Loven’, is a multi-talented and prolific singer and songwriter who has distinguished himself in his niche after successfully making his way through the auditions, training and performances at Access The Stars - a talent show by Access Bank and Star lager beer of the Nigerian Breweries.

The 'Access The Stars' grand finale kicked off with a live pre-show party which held on Instagram Live and featured performances by DJ Spinall who entertained the audience ahead of the live finale on YouTube. 

The grand finale finally saw top-notch performances from the top four contestants, with complementary super renditions from dance queen, Kaffy and my favourite Nigerian singer Darey who anchored the show. The show wound up with a Live after-party on Instagram hosted by DJ Cuppy

Loven emerged as the first winner of the maiden edition of Access The Stars. The announcement was made during the show’s, e-Finale on April 11th, 2020. It had to be an e-Finale due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The singer went home with a grand prize worth N150,000,000 (One Hundred and Fifty Million Naira). There were consolation prize for 'Kitay' who was the first runner up and for 'Firefly' who was the second runner up.

'Loven' owns his signature style with a unique musical voice and a singing technique he's carved for himself by way of fusing fuji to his performances. 

Congratulations to him šŸŽ‰šŸŽ‰šŸŽ‰

WATCH | Falz - Bop Daddy (Official Video)

So after the famous #BopDaddyChallenge, singer Falz has come out with the ultimate and official video for his famous track Bop Daddy. 

The track which features British-Nigerian rapper, Ms Banks has become Falz‘ first official single for the year 2020.

The track was produced by Chillz and the video directed by Vissionaire Pictures Film.

Catch a glimpse of the video below. Be sure to drop your comments and reviews in the comment section below. 


Remembering #ChibokGirls | Here's What President Buhari Is Saying About Their Return šŸ˜„

Well it's been 6 years since Chibok community came on to trend on global map following the abduction of about 300 school girls from school. Will Nigeria and the rest of the world hurriedly forget the hashtag #BringBackOurGirls and the hashtag #BBOG? I think not.

On this day 6 years ago, being April 14th 2014, the Chibok community of Borno State woke up to the abduction of 276 girls by renowned terror group Boko Haram who swept through the Government Girls Secondary School in Chibok Town, and forcefully took the girls who were then preparing for West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (WASSCE) and this prompted a global outrage.

It is on record that about 57 girls were said to have broken free and made a run for their lives while being transported by the terrorists. However, about 219 of the other girls were successfully carted away by Boko Haram.

While different conspiracy theories sprung up as to the kidnap, human right activists alongside world leaders and celebrities took on a social media campaign hashtag #BringBackOurGirls to free the abducted schoolgirls.

To this day and this very moment and this very moment, only a total of 164 of the 276 abducted students have been accounted for. Some of them were escapees whereas others were rescued through either military operations or ransome negotiations or prisoner swaps. Notwithstanding, over 112 of the abducted school girls are still unaccounted for for 6 years now and counting.

President Muhammadu Buhari has said the Federal Government has not slacked on the matter as multiple efforts are on going to see to the release of these girls. 

In a statement to the Chibok community and the parents of the abducted Chibok school girls, President Buhari said he’s working round the clock to ensure the girls return alive. 

He however blamed the division within the terrorist group for complicating the on-going negotiations which would have seen to the release of the abducted girls.

President Buhari also said franctic military operations were kept aside as he wanted the girls to be brought back alive and unharmed. He gave assurance that the Nigeria's security and intelligence community is working around using backroom channels and other available options to reunite the girls with their families.

The question now is, are they still girls? Drop your thoughts and comments in the comment section below.


WATCH | Tosin Teaches How To Make Strawberry Parfait With Fruits & Nuts šŸ˜‹

Tosin Teaches How To Make Strawberry Parfait With Fruit & Nuts
Hi there šŸ‘‹. I know you probably have exotic cravings for fancies like pizza, burger, parfait, gelato, sharwama or even chicken and chips. Did I call them exotic? We usually don't get to satisfy some of these cravings because we either cannot afford them or some how don't know hot to get it. But here's the thing we don't look at; a lot of these things can be made right inside our kitchens and would be even tastier and safer than those we buy outside.

Now in this Do It Yourself Healthy Living tutorial, Tosin Ajibade walks us through the process of how to make Parfait using yogurt, fruits and nuts. 

Check out this short easy tutorial video below and be sure to it it out yourself. The ingredients needed here include: Yoghurt, Apples, Desiccated coconuts, Coconut flakes, Strawberry, Raisins, Brown sugar and Cashew nuts (You can adjust the ingredients when making yours šŸ˜‹)


MUSIC: Tim Godfrey – Miracles Everywhere

Tim Godfrey – Miracles Everywhere
More than ever and right now, the world needs reassuring of hope in these really trying times of tribulations and gospel music artists seem to be doing a great job reminding us that we need God more than ever.

In this new jam, Tim Godfrey has come with words of reassurance in his new gospel single titled 'Miracles Everywhere'. The track was produced by SMJ

God is with us and He'd make miracles happen everywhere. We only need believe in Him and look up to him alone. Listen to the song below and share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.