TEASER: Bisola Ayieola & Lola Idije Star In Biodun Stephen’s Film 'Glimpse'

Bisola Ayieola & Lola Idije Star In Biodun Stephen’s Film 'Glimpse'
Bisola Aiyeola and Lola Idije are co-stars in Biodun Stephen's upcoming movie titled Glimpse. 

The faith-based film which was scripted, produced and directed by Biodun Stephen, was first teased in 2017. 

Biodun has now released a new teaser to for the upcoming film. Catch a glimpse of it below and tell us your expectations in the comment section below


BREAKING: President Buhari Extends COVID-19 Lockdown By Four Weeks

President Buhari Extends COVID-19 Lockdown By Four Weeks
President Muhammadu Buhari
As part of frantic efforts to combat Coronavirus spread in the country, Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari has approved another four weeks lockdown in what would be the second phase of the eased lockdown.

Breaking the news was the Chairman of the Presidential Task Force (PTF) on COVID-19 and Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF), Mr Boss Mustapha, who made the announcement during the Task Force briefing in Abuja on Thursday.

The decision to extend the lockdown comes after President Buhari's meeting with the task force to assess the progress made so far in mitigating further spread of Coronavirus in the Nation. 

Boss Mustapha told newsmen today that the PTF had among other things, recommended the extension of the current ease of lockdown which has just been approved. Also on the recommendation list to the President, was ensuring that the current phase of the response was retained but with minor changes to address health, economic and socio-political concerns.

In the address, the SGF noted that, some of the major changes being proposed are geared towards granting of permissions to exit classes to resume ahead of examinations, re-opening of rail transportation within established parameters and achieving the gradual re-opening of international air flights within established parameters.

This extension is the third for the second phase of lockdown currently observed across the country.

Culled from: Channels TV


These Housemates Will Definitely Be Evicted From #BBNaija2020 This Sunday

This coming Sunday, we would get to see the pioneer set of housemates that would be sent packing from the 5th season of the Big Brother Naija reality TV show. #bbnaija2020lockdown

Last Sunday the show host announced a new twist to the TV show. Ebuka announced that all housemates would be put up for possible eviction after the Head of House games every Monday. It was also announced that the head of house and whoever s/he chooses as an assistant, would be the only two people who would be safe from eviction. 

It's been two weeks so far since the show commenced and some housemates have given us a reason to take sides with them while others have left us on the fence about their personalities.

I personally don't think all 20 housemates have been given fair share of the screen coverage, which has led to some members of the audience giving wrong judgement about them.

The housemates listed below are those I feel would most likely be evicted from the Big Brother Naija House this weekend. One of the reasons I feel that was is because of their lack of social media presence. They have no active fan base on social media rooting and campaigning for them when compared to the likes of Nengi, Kiddwaya, Ozo, Erica, Neo and Vee. 

In no particular order, the housemates who would most likely be evicted are;

#BBKaisha: Aside not having an active social media fan base, Kaisha has not given the viewers any cause to subscribe to her. She has been like a flat character so far. She's literally always in the shadows and never taking center stage or playing no lead role. She is only notable for having started a fight with Lucy and another time with Tolanibaj. Her fighting days might be over come this Sunday.

#BBTochi: Tochi is another housemate who goes without an active social media fan base. Although he has been quite participatory and active in the house, he seems to have no social media recognition and fans don't find him quite engaging because he hasn't given anyone a serious cause to root for him.

#BBWhatoni: Unlike the aforementioned housemates, Wathoni has been seen here and there. She made got some attention and a fan base after shooting her shots at Kiddwaya. She was also known to have fallen out with Ka3na in what was the first fight of this year's Big Brother Naija house. Lately, she has been working towards starting off something with Tochi nut fans feel like it's quite too late. If they both survive the eviction, they might have a chance to wax strong. For now, she has to fight for her stay by giving her fans something to hold onto.

#BBLilo: I really don't know what her she is known for aside clinging and gumming body with Eric. Their love life is growing sour already and it seems she is most likely coming home. 
#BBKa3na: The odds may seem unlikely for the eviction of Ka3na from the house. She is very famous for being troublesome with an 'I don't care' attitude. Despite her said exposure and bleh bleh bleh, I find her quite crude and arrogant. She is choleric and if given the chance, she would rule every housemate with iron hands. She has had the most fights a lot of housemates - usually over food matters. She kind of like to hoard food and wants to control everyone with food. She just does not seen to have much of of an active social media fan base.

So this is my list of housemates who would most likely be living the house. What do you think? Has anyone been omitted on the list? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below.


Netflix Is Bringing 8 New Nollywood Content To Your Screen 💞

Netflix Naija Is Bringing 8 New Nollywood Titles To Your Screen
We are very much excited that Netflix Naija is bringing more indigenous Nigerian content to our screens as they have assured us that come this August, we would be viewing premium and top-notch Nollywood movies and series.


Princess Linda Moses Launches Global Fashion Store CELPIL

Princess Linda Moses Launches Global Fashion Store CELPIL
Princess Linda Moses
Beyond her alluring and enchanting looks, is a strong-willed woman, philanthropist and an accomplished nurse, with several years of field practice and experience, she is renowned for her unbridled passion persistent strive to leading a fulfilled life.

Princess Linda Moses is a business tycoon and a seasoned entrepreneur who has carved a niche for herself in the spotlight as a distinguished socialite.

Princess Linda, is the CEO and Director of CELPIL, an online fashion and women’s trend store which just launched globally. She is also a news and lifestyle blogger who runs top Afro-American lifestyle, news and entertainment blog News Afro alongside a personal blog Princess Moses.

Back in 2018, she got talking about having a celebrity crush for Anthony Joshua, the Nigerian Born British boxer. Click here to catch all the details.

As a Nigerian based in the United States, she has had a fair share in the spotlight especially as it pertains to celebrity blogging. Yes she is a US-Nigerian blogger per excellence. Not much of people can manage the celebrity lifestyle, I’m talking about staying behind the scene while still running the entire scene. For Princess Linda, it’s beyond a natural gift.

Princess Linda Moses Launches Global Fashion Store CELPIL

When top blogs the likes of TMZ, ET, Perez Hilton and so on are mentioned, I make bold to say that News Afro follows suite. Despite the fact that she is a Nigerian based in the US, Princess Moses has bagged content endorsements from Hollywood sweethearts in the likes of Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande, Mariah Carey, Ava Duvaney and many more. Her honest and objective criticisms about these celebrities brought her into the spotlight. 

On her celebrity lifestyle, you would be amazed to discover that despite the pocket of influence and name she has built here and there, Princess Linda has kept a modest repute. She says 

“I take great delight in modesty. It is a very substantial key to living happily and having your own privacy. I can’t imagine having my own life being run by the entire gossip media. Yea, it’s very true that I like to write about other celebrities and that is apparently because they’ve chosen to be in the spotlight. 

Trust me, some celebrities are in the spotlight not because they want to be there and some are really wishing they could undo the whole public attention but it’s not going to be so easy… and for me I’m trying to keep low because I know too well that the spotlight isn’t a good place to have some privacy. The moment you get in there, there’s no more you running your own life.”

Princess Linda Moses Launches Global Fashion Store CELPIL
Clothing from Celpil Online Store

When asked if she really meant modesty in the whole sense of it or if she was simply shying away from crowd, the nurse-blogger as she is fondly called admitted that she still pulls some attention no matter how much she tries to lay low. She said,

“It’s quite embarrassing when you walk into a grocery store and someone’s like oh my gosh PLM is that you… and other people be staring at you like the heck is going on… I see how some folks worship celebrities and I tell myself, I don’t wanna be worshiped. It’s not cool at all. I mean to say, I love being the role model I am to people but not some goddess… not cool at all!!! I don’t wanna go crazy like some celebrity folks out there are already.”

Princess Linda Moses is more than meets the eye. She is an Accountant, a Practicing Nurse, and a Writer who is highly enterprising and multi-talented and has proven herself as a multi-tasking expert.

Her blog News Afro features the hottest views, reviews and interviews with favourite Hollywood celebrities from all around the world.

Connect with her on social media via splendorprincess

Princess Linda Moses Launches Global Fashion Store CELPIL
Princess Linda rocking clothing from Celpil Online Store


Meet Olajumoke Ogunnaike, The Brain Behind The Interior Art Direction Of The BBNaija Season 5 House

Meet Olajumoke Ogunnaike, The Brain Behind The Interior Art Direction Of The BBNaija Season 5 House

Interior design is fast becoming an important part of Nigerian home décor, as more people now understand the effect of design in living and business.

Today, we have young interior designers in Nigeria striving to meet the growing demands for interior design services, and no one exemplifies this growing need more than Olajumoke Ogunnaike of ‘Lefteye’s Signatures’, the outfit behind the art direction of the iconic BBNaija House.

The new season of BBNaija has returned to overwhelming acclaim, with many praising the attention to detail and vibrancy in the design aesthetic. Ogunnaike once again sits at the creative helm and we sit with her to find out what makes her tick creatively, and what her experience has been working on Africa’s biggest television production.

Meet Olajumoke Ogunnaike, The Brain Behind The Interior Art Direction Of The BBNaija Season 5 House   Meet Olajumoke Ogunnaike, The Brain Behind The Interior Art Direction Of The BBNaija Season 5 House
Describe your experience working on BBNaija last season?
Without mincing words, every work comes with its own challenge. The experiences and challenges faced during other projects we’ve handled made us better prepared and made our work experience much easier talking about handling the pressure that came with the BBNAIJA – Pepper them project. To add to this, there was positive energy around me from the Red Pepper team that gave me the ‘yes, I can vibe’.

What was the most tasking/challenging design you worked on in the house this season?
The most tasking and challenging design I worked on in the house is still the garden area; the time it took to complete the beautiful mural, being at mother nature’s mercy and praying several times that the rain seizes; also at this period coordinating with about 20 of my team members on a particular wall. Down to me not having control over the weather and the slim timeline counting down got to me but I’m glad we pulled through.

What should viewers expect in terms of the art design of the House?
Just as our viewers were pleasantly surprised on the season before, they should equally get ready to be awed with the ambiance and warmth the Big Brother Naija house brings this season. This time, we decided to keep it simple and soft and I’m sure it will be pleasing feedback.

Meet Olajumoke Ogunnaike, The Brain Behind The Interior Art Direction Of The BBNaija Season 5 House   Meet Olajumoke Ogunnaike, The Brain Behind The Interior Art Direction Of The BBNaija Season 5 House
When given a project, what is your creative and work process?
Put in its simplest form, I would say it’s a succession of thoughts and actions leading to original final production; We get the brief, plan, delegate, and get the job done but the most interesting part is birthing fresh ideas during a work process. It just comes effortlessly, and we go with the flow.

What impact has the COVID-19 pandemic had on your business?
Just as it has its downsides, it also had a positive effect. When we sensed that the drop in demand for our services was solely because clients were scared of the pandemic and high on safety from the team we put on our projects, we had to up our standards and got appropriate PPE kits to keep both the team and our clients safe in their haven.

Meet Olajumoke Ogunnaike, The Brain Behind The Interior Art Direction Of The BBNaija Season 5 House
Young creatives like Olajumoke are one of the many benefactors of MultiChoice’s investment in local productions. In MultiChoice’s 27 years of operating in Nigeria, their commitment to enriching lives as their brand essence projects has never been in doubt. Beyond the strides the video entertainment provider has made in employing people directly, creating jobs for even more people in adjacent industries, training talents, and building infrastructure; the company has always still found a way to give back to the different communities where they operate.

Big Brother Naija season 5 airs 24/7 on DStv channel 198 and GOtv Max and Jolli on channel 29.

Sign up to DStv today HERE or get GOtv Max or Jolli HERE. Also, you can download the MyGOtv and MyDStv apps for more self-service options.

To keep up with all updates on the show, visit the website. You can also follow the official Big Brother Naija social media pages for news and updates with the hashtag #BBNaija on Twitter , Instagram, and Facebook as well as all verified social media pages of DStv Nigeria, GOtv Nigeria, and Africa Magic.

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VIDEO: Deborah Rise – Your Will

Deborah Rise – Your Will (ACE SAID SO)
Who else had forgotten Deborah Rise, a former Big Brother Naija and Nigerian Idol star? Well, she has been in action although in the background and she has been counting her success stories as they keep coming in. 

Deborah Rise has just released a new gospel single she titled 'Your Will'. This new single was produced by Timothy King.

Watch the video below:

MUSIC: Niniola - Addicted (Prod. Sarz)

MUSIC: Niniola - Addicted (Prod. Sarz)

Afro-House Queen, Niniola has just dished out a fresh summer hit she tagged 'Addicted'. The track is a new addition stemming from her much anticipated sophomore album 'Colours and Sounds,' which would be released this September.

Niniola as expected, thrilled us to her signature sound on a hypnotic rhythm which was produced by Sarz, her long-time collaborator and producer.

Get this tune already and make us your addiction. Don't forget to share your thoughts or leave a review in the comment section below

MUSIC: Adekunle Gold ft. Nailah Blackman – AG Baby | With Lyrics

MUSIC: Adekunle Gold ft. Nailah Blackman – AG Baby
Nigerian singer and songwriter, Adekunle Gold has just served a sizzling hot new sensual music single titled 'AG Baby'. The track features Nailah Blackman from Trinidad

AG Baby comes at the heels to his viral hit dubbed, 'Something Different'. Both tracks come off of his forthcoming studio project dubbed, "Afro Pop Vol 1."

Listen below, and share your thoughts in the comment section below.


Verse 1
they see me balling
dem wan copy
and I see them
bunch of wannabes
No 1 fada
original original Don Dada
dem dey underrate man
dey dunno nothing
I propagate
the movement you see now
No 1 Papa
eh original Badman trilla

Mo logo
won rogo
they dunno yeah
Emi omo ologo
I don show
they dunno ye

Gimme dat Gimme dat Bop
A A AG Baby don’t stop (omo ton so)
Gimme dat Gimme dat Bop
A A AG Baby don’t stop (AG)
Do that dutty dutty ride
A A AG Baby don’t stop (Badman selecta)
Do that dutty dutty ride
A A AG Baby don’t stop (AG)

Verse 2
Street Boy
Topping all their mainstream shi
Sweet boy
stunting like da matrix shit
cruising in my phantom (phantom)
you know we going we platinum (platinum)
Number 1 you know I don’t fake this thing
Legendary stuff you can tape this shit
I pull up dem ma stand up (stand up)
you feel me put your hands up (hands up)

Mo logo
won rogo
they dunno yeah
Emi omo ologo
I don show
they dunno yeah

Gimme dat Gimme dat Bop
A A AG Baby don’t stop (omo ton so)
Gimme dat Gimme dat Bop
A A AG Baby don’t stop (AG)
Do that dutty dutty ride
A A AG Baby don’t stop (Badman selecta)
Do that dutty dutty ride
A A AG Baby don’t stop (AG)


Don't Let Your Kids Miss Out On Cluster4Kidz' 'Discover and Lead Summer Zoom Camp' For Teens and Preteens

Don't Let Your Kids Miss Out On  Cluster4Kidz' 'Discover and Lead Summer Zoom Camp' For Teens and Preteens

Mentorship is an act of providing wise counsel to a person who is less experienced by building trust and modeling positive behaviours. It also involves the informal transmission of knowledge, social capital and the psychosocial support perceived by the recipient as relevant to work, career, and professional or personal development.

It is on this note that Cluster4Kidz is here with the Discover and Lead Summer Zoom Camp, which is a strategically organized programme geared towards providing mentorship for preteens and teenagers to help them discover their unique purpose(s), potentials and passion in life. 

For the past seven years, Cluster4kidz has been providing club activities for children of all ages. This year, they have designed an exceptional program for preteens and teens to help them find their purpose and harness their full potential.

Initially, the program was intended to involve a physical gathering but due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, the school has shifted the program online and would be hosting it via Zoom. 

The program features a number of speakers/mentors including Audu Maikori (Founder, Chocolate City), Odeyemi Olayiwole (Certified John Maxwell Coach) and Chigozie Obioma (Author, The Fishermen) who will speak with preteens and teens this July at a powerful 4-day zoom meeting! 

DEAL: Get 40% off when you register 2 kids or more 

The lineup of mentors are carefully selected HIGHFLYERS in their different works of life with a burning desire to share of their wisdom with the younger generations.

Meet The Facilitators

Cluster4Kidz Presents 'Discover and Lead Summer Zoom Camp' For Teens and Preteens
Audu Maikori
Audu Maikori is a Nigerian lawyer, entrepreneur, social activist, public speaker and creative industry professional. He is the co-founder and President of the Chocolate City Entertainment. He is well known as Founder of Chocolate City, Entertainment lawyer and regarded as the "Simon Cowell" in Nigerian Idol's first season. He won multiple awards during his career, including the International Young Music Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2007. 

Cluster4Kidz Presents 'Discover and Lead Summer Zoom Camp' For Teens and Preteens
Mrs Lami Tinam Gidado 
Lami Tinam Gidado is a passionate Child Development Consultant who has a vision to give every child an opportunity to reach their full potentials. She currently works with children ages 3 months to 16 years in different capacities. She owns and runs a Vacation Club, a Pre-School and a Consulting Unit. 

She has been working with children for the past 18 years though studied Economics in Ahmadu Bello University Zaria (1997) and acquired a Masters in International Law and Diplomacy at the University of Lagos (2001). She started off her career as a Banker and then a Stock Broker’s Assistant. It was a wonderful experience which has proved valuable even now. But she knew she had to pursue her passion of working with children 

She is a Child Development Consultant/Expert and Certified Play Therapist with the Play Therapy International, UK. 

Odeyemi Olayiwole 

Odeyemi Olayiwole holds a BSC in Economics. He is a certified John Maxwell leadership coach, certified Management Consultant and certified DISC trainer. He has 23 years’ experience in building human capital. He speaks and trains regularly for organization nationally and international. 

He has a passion to help people become the “best versions” of themselves as they commit to a life of Personal Development. 

Chigozie Obioma

Chigozie Obioma is author of The Fishermen, which was a finalist for the Man Booker prize 2015, and a winner of four other awards, including an NAACP Image award, the FT/Oppenheimer prize for fiction, and several nominations. The novel, which is being translated in 26 languages, is also being adapted into a stage play. Obioma was named one of Foreign Policy's 100 Influential People of 2015. His second novel, An Orchestra of Minorities was published in January 2019 to wide acclaim and is being translated into 18 languages. The novel was also a finalist for the Booker prize, making Obioma one of only two writers in history to be a finalist for all their published books. He is a professor of English and Creative Writing at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and in Nigeria where he runs various projects. 

DEAL: Get 40% off when you register 2 kids or more 
Follow the link to Register: https://paystack.com/pay/-lz2pezohp

'The Native' Delves To Uncover The Life Of The Most Misunderstood Superstar

'The Native' Delves To Uncover The Life Of The Most Misunderstood Superstar
Naira Marley
It is no longer news that Naira Marley is arguably the biggest name when it comes to Nigeria's street music - talk of the moment. He is undoubtedly a great influencer when it come to music and lifestyle and funny enough branding - especially in the lives of Nigerian youths. Whether you like is or yes, the Marlian movement crooner is a force to be reckoned with.

Hear him speak;
There was so much negativity, but there was also so much love, and I was like do you know what? I can take the hate. The hate was giving me money, so eventually I just kept being myself.
The Native had an exclusive feature to share deep insights about who they tagged 'The most misunderstood Superstar" Nigeria and the world has ever seen. 

In 2018, Naira Marley embarked on a chaotic two-year run which included; court cases, police raids, a stint in prison, scene-stopping visuals, and sold-out shows – all punctuated by a string of inescapable and undeniable hit records. By the end of it, he became arguably the biggest, and definitely the most divisive star the country had seen in years. 

This is the Inside Life, told during the peak of Nigeria’s most misunderstood superstar.


Panic As Earthquake Hits Ghana Following Nigerian Embassy Demolition

Earthquake Hits Ghana After Nigerian Embassy Is Demolished

An earthquake with magnitude 4.0 has rocked some parts of Greater Accra and Central Regions of Ghana.

At about 10:40pm on Wednesday 24th June 2020, residents of McCarthy Hill, Accra New Town, Achimota, Teshie, Haatso, Kaneshie, Legon, Kokomlemle, Kasoa, Kwashiman, Manhean, Dansoman, and Osu recounted experiencing multiple earth tremors in the space of 10 minutes.

An official damage accessment report has not been released. 

Recall that in December 2018, reports of major land tremors were said to have been recorded in Weija part of Ghana.

This is however not the first time Ghana is witnessing an earthquake. Quakes in Ghana have dated back to as far as 1615. Major earthquakes in Ghanaian history were recorded in 1862, 1906 and 1939.


WhatsApp Has Launched In-App Payments For Users In Brazil

WhatsApp Has Launched In-App Payments For Users In Brazil

WhatsApp has just launched in-app payment options for people and small businesses in Brazil. The Facebook-owned company made the announcement in a blog post earlier this week.

WhatsApp wrote:
We’re excited to announce that starting today we’re bringing digital payments to WhatsApp users in Brazil. People will be able to send money securely or make a purchase from a local business without leaving their chat.
WhatsApp announced that digital payments are enabled through Facebook Pay and they plan "making sending money to loved ones as easy as sending a message, which could not be more important as people are physically distant from one another". 

The company said sending money or making a purchase on WhatsApp is absolutely free for people. However, merchants will pay a processing fee to receive payments.

The users will need to link their credit or debit card to their WhatsApp account. Their transactions are made secured with either a six-digit PIN or their fingerprint.

The instant messaging giants revealed that its digital payments support credit or debit cards from Banco do Brasil, Nubank, and Sicredi. Adding that they were working with Brazilian payments processor Cielo.  

WhatsApp said their digital payments are an open model which will allow it to add more partners in the future.

This comes after WhatsApp completed a successful test of a beta version in India.


Watch This Cynthia Morgan Viral Video By OCJ 😍

Watch This Cynthia Morgan Viral Video By OCJ

Have you seen this trending video by budding Nigerian artiste OCJIn a follow up to his track titled 'Cynthia Morgan', OCJ has released the official and now viral video to the song.

According to him, the said song was inspired by his love for Cynthia Morgan the singer. You can catch the trend on Twitter with the hashtag #CynthiaMorganVideo

The sensual video is crisp and spiced with energetic choreography. It was directed by Mex Films

New Bride Cries For Help After She Was 'Sold' To Her Husband For 580k | #WWYD?

New Bride Cries For Help After She Was Sold To Her Husband For 580k  #WWYD

Hmmmm... Where do I start from? So this new bride is in a dilemma and she is in dire need of your advice. Kindly read her story which surfaced on just surfaced on Twitter and leave us your response in the comment section below. 
"I got married 8 months ago, my hubby earns 70k monthly while I am yet to get a job, during our wedding ceremony, hubby spent about 580k on the list given to him for the trad wedding, I persuaded my parents to reduce the list but they said it is a must and a tradition.

He was able to raise the Money bag as I wasnt working and I couldn't help financially. After marriage I suggested that he should be sending something monthly to my parent as he do send to his parent too, but to my surprise the reply he gave me was that he didn't owe my parent anything - that they have collected all they are entitled to from him, initially I was not angry about that until my younger brother wanted to get married and his bride family gave him list of things for the traditional wedding which is amounted to 400k.

My dad then shared the expenses and told my husband to contribute 120k towards my brother's wedding but to my surprise, my husband said no and told me that my family has collected all they wanted during our wedding and they shouldn't come to him for any financial assistance.

This got me angry and I told him that he is not responsible. Ever since then we have been living like strangers in the house, he doesn't talk to me, he has just been keeping to himself, and I have never seen him this way before not even in our 2yrs of courting..

Please our mummies and daddies kindly advise me on what to do to savor the situation, I am in between my husband and my family."
- END 

Now that you have read her story, tell us what you think by sharing your thoughts with us in the comment section below.