WWW:WDD - Teemirror's New EP and His Inspiring Musical Journey

Growing Nigerian music sensation, Teemirror, is making waves in digital spaces with the release of his newest EP titled "What works works: What Doesn’t Doesn’t" (WWW:WDD). The EP is rapidly accumulating organic streams, showcasing Teemirror's rising influence in the music industry.

WWW:WDD shelters four tracks, accompanied by a prelude and a bonus track. Teemirror’s introspective collection not only represents his musical journey but also narrates his transformation from adversity to inspiration.

The artist's decision to forgo collaborations on the main tracks underscores the personal nature of his narrative. “The story is mine to tell,” Teemirror emphasizes, underscoring his commitment to authentically sharing his experiences.

Beyond his current solo endeavor, Teemirror harbors aspirations for collaborations. In a candid interview with Great Unicorn TV, he openly expressed his desire to collaborate with accomplished rapper Olamide. Teemirror believes that Olamide’s unique artistry would bring a fresh dimension to his work, particularly with tracks like "#Daily2K," celebrated as the “hustlers’ anthem.”

Despite facing challenges on this pursuit, Teemirror remains steadfast in his ambition. He reached out to Olamide through various channels, including direct messages and social media tagging. His recent engagement with Olamide’s album, #Unruly, showcased his admiration for the rapper.

However, Teemirror's zealous social media efforts seemed to have led to his account being blocked, potentially due to excessive tagging and interaction. Undeterred, Teemirror moves forward with unyielding optimism, relying on the belief that Olamide’s influence can propel his music to greater heights. “Olamide is a god, I need the touch of a god to fuel the greatness in me, so I rely on God to use his creation for my sakes,” Teemirror affirmed.

With the release of “What works works : what doesn’t doesn’t” on August 18th marking a pivotal moment in his career, the EP is receiving exceptional reception across various social media platforms. TikTok, in particular, is witnessing an upsurge in users creating engaging videos showcasing Teemirror’s artistry. Leveraging this momentum, Teemirror calls on fans to support the focus track “stress : away,” encouraging them to turn it into a viral sensation.

Teemirror’s journey embodies perseverance and unwavering dedication to his craft, leaving an indelible mark on the music landscape. With his latest EP captivating global audiences and his aspiration for collaboration with Olamide burning fervently, Teemirror stands ready for an exciting chapter in his artistic voyage.


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