OPINION: Lynch Rahama for Dancing, But Ignore Ali Nuhu for Kissing???

Angry fans are still infuriated by the exxpulsion of Kannywood actress, Rahama Sadau following her appearance in a supposed non-hausa/kannywood music video by popular artiste Classiq. 

Read what  Hassan Mohammed posted on facebook in what he tagged a gender based violence on women.


I just can't believe I'm doing this, standing up for a young woman who foolishly left business school, my department, my class, for an acting career, when she can take on both, by taking up her spot, seriously pursuing her academic career and at the same time taking up occasional roles in films, music, commercials and home videos. But somebody must stick it to these obtuse and deplorable chauvinists.

Let me start with full disclosure. I don't watch Nigerian movies. In truth I hate them. I cannot stand them. I hardly ever talk about them because I know next to nothing about them. The hullabaloo in the news a music video caught my attention. I became interested because of the person involved and I located it on YouTube. Watching it, I concluded that if you are looking for where misogyny, chauvinism, bigotry and hypocrisy collide to beat up on a very helpless person to a pulp, look no further than this latest victim of zealotry.

And that victim is Ms Rahama Sadau. She was expelled from her regional film industry because she acted and danced in a non-Kannywood (a dog-whistle for not our kind) Hausa music video and she was expelled for it. Meanwhile, Ali Nuhu has been and still is acting in non-Kannywood home-videos. He is a married man, he is usually captured in raunchy scenes, kissing and smooching women. But NO PROBLEM. An unmarried woman appeared in a music video where there is no kissing, but she was expelled?

Well, let me help you understand what happened. We know that to sing and dance is what they do in all these useless, classless, amoral and irresponsible Hausa films, that on average have 6 or 8 Hindi-styled meaningless songs and dance routines. She was not expelled for playing such roles. But was expelled for one song of 4:09 minutes. You know it has nothing to do with morals but the fact that she appeared in video with a non-Hausa, Luka Barnabas and in trousers. If they cannot say it, we will help them out of their miserably misogynistic hypocrisy and say it for them. Everything in that short music video is what they do in Kannywood. The only difference is the city and the love interest of young woman. Other than that no difference.

I'm reading some equally idiotic and misogynistic people saying it was a right decision because she put them to shame. She didn't put you to shame, you nincompoops. If she did anything shameful, then it is on her. Each of us is only individually responsible for and accountable to our actions. I will not go to heaven for your good deeds, nor will I go to hell for your sins. We are all on our own. By the way, it is okay to dance and sing to Hausa music or with Hausa people but immoral to do it with non Hausa artist or in non Hausa music video?

What kind of religious books are these clowns reading? If you believe it is wrong then it should be wrong regardless of who she does it with. When the good book told you that fornication is wrong it didn't say that it is okay to do it with one group and not the other. When they were told not the drink alcohol, they were never told that they have options of who to drink with? Just that, don't drink. You don't cherry pick on God's laws. You are either wholly for them or not.

You cannot sing and dance and tell some other people that they are wrong for doing it. That is all a case of a stupid pot calling kettle black. Come to think of it, in what way does a boy and a girl singing affect your culture? How is that even our culture? Which idiot will finish watching a man and woman singing and dancing to love interests in a movie then go out and locate another man or woman and start singing and dancing to her on the streets of Zaria, Kano, Katsina or Abuja? Who will be foolish to tell his children watch Kannywood or Nollywood and learn how to behave? I've always maintained that only fools will outsource the training of their kids to movies.

What is good for Rahama who only appeared in a music video and danced and held hands should be worse for Ali Nuhu who smooched and stick his married tongue into another woman's mouth for so many minutes in different takes. So, ban him for life. I know I'm asking for what is impossible. But if it can be done, then they need to follow that with all those who drink like camel and those they alleged and accuse of been queer. None of that will happen. For we are only eager to slut shame young women.

As they say in show business, "there is no such thing as bad publicity". Now that Rahama and Barnabas Luka aka ClassiQ have been thrust into national limelight for all the wrong reasons, she (particularly) has two major (but simple) decisions to make - join Nollywood full time. Move to Lagos and do her thing. Work hard and be very good at it. These foolish men-children will come back and beg her with roles. The other nincompoops will watch. While at it, she must go back to school. Try and complete her HND or BSc. Because nothing says "GO FUCK YOURSELF!" to control freaks than a woman with real education who ignores them. Move to Lagos young woman. Move! I still hate the movie industry.


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