PROSPECTIVE CORPS MEMBERS: Things you must know before heading to camp

This post is just in time to give all anxious and prospective corps members who are awaiting their orientation camp, details of NYSC Camp DOs and DON'Ts and as well provide some tips to help them have a hitch free time in camp. Below we have compiled top 20 tips to help you survive camp. 

1. All Corpers are called “ Otondo’s ”. The Market is Called “ Mami Market ”.

2. There are dry cleaners available at your disposal in camp (For about N50 Per Cloth). Ensure you come with at least 7 white top and shorts (with Zippers) So you only get to wash them on the first and second weekends. 

3. Registration stops 12 midnight preceding swearing-in-day. I advise you start registration early and join the queue before it gets too long (Always be alert the first few days). 

4. Never forget to wear your cap at all times (You Will Serve Punishment for forgetting if caught by the Soldiers). 

5. You would be given your meal ticket (It might be valuable) Like to collect your allowance in camp. 

6. You are usually given (One Kahki, Belt and White Canvass) and (Two White Tops, Shorts, Socks)… The Kahki is always Oversize, so you can find someone to quickly exchange with or you can go to the Taylor in camp to adjust.

7. There are different types of human beings in camp (the crazy, spoilt, razz, dirty, complicated, stupid, holy, party, drunk, beautiful, ugly, different tribes etc). Be open-minded and smile at someone. Be active in your Platoon. 

8. You will be fed three times a day in camp, but the food is barely edible. The kitchen is run by incredibly hard working women who are assisted by fellow otondos from different platoons assigned to the kitchen for each meal. 

9. If you are someone who loves to eat good food, or you don’t want to have the mammy feel, no problem just come loaded to camp with provisions. Like cereals and beverages, garri, biscuits etc. You should also hold extra cash to eat at the Mammy market, you will get good food there and won’t spend much to eat well, and the price however depends on the state to which you have been posted. Most camp don’t have ATM Machine. 

10. There are places available where you can charge your batteries at the camp market. (Also Buy A Power Bank) 

11. Always fetch water down for the next morning. You can be shocked that water supply might finish before it gets to your turn and that’s the end for you. As the queue is always long. 

12. As for drinking water you either buy pure water or bottled water; there is no free drinking water. 

13. Ladies try not to go with heavy or synthetic hair to avoid excess heat and time to care for it. You could advisable make short hair to avoid heat and save time.

14. Pocket Money: The question is “How much money do you really need for the NYSC Orientation Course, you will be paid a N1, 500 allowance once you arrive the NYSC camp and also another one (first ALLAWI) some days to the end of camp. If you intend to drink and hang out at the Mami market, then you can take more money depending on how much you can finish, be wise though!

15. Just be prepared to wait in line for EVERYTHING. 

16. The bathrooms and toilets are nothing to write home about. It is always dirty and terrible in fact if not careful disease could be contacted. Well some corpers can come with buckets for the sole purpose of relieving themselves with what I
can call 'pit bucket'. 

17. Do not dare the soldiers, some can be ruthless and you know they have authority to deal with you in name of discipline. Also Prepare for (Midnight Fire Drill) and (Endurance Road Walk) during camp. 

18. Always switch your phones off or put them on silent while on parade ground. Just don’t bring it out, it could be seized and destroyed not minding if it’s an iPhone7 +++. 

19. The accommodation is always something else. Rooms will likely be jam-packed with little or no space to pass and walk freely. It is possible to have between 30-60 roommates. 

20. There are fellowships for Christians and Muslims. The 3 recognized associations are NCCF (NIGERIAN CHRISTIAN CORPERS FELLOWHIP), NACC (ANGLICAN) and MCAN (MUSLIM CORPERS ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA). But there were others like Redeemed, Winners, Catholic, Christ embassy and Deeper life. So you could make your choice. Also they have morning devotions and weekly service.

We wish you the best of luck!


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