READ: 5 Signs She Wants To Get Down With You

Men are known to be quite direct and open about their feelings when it comes to s*x, but the same cannot be said about women who would rather give subtle hints.If you don’t take time to learn the signals a woman gives when she’s in the mood to get down, you might end up missing some cool opportunities for great s*x.So how do you know when the green light is on? Here are 5 easy ways to know she wants s*x:

1. She dresses S3xy/wear makeup:If you notice that your girlfriend or wife is suddenly putting in the effort to look much more S3xy than she usually does, chances are that there is a reason behind it. This is her way of trying to arouse your desire, in order to get the S3xual satisfaction that she wants. Then again, if she puts in hours of effort to look good for you and it appears you don’t notice, she will become very pissed at you. The next time she puts in a lot of effort to look good for you, make sure that you tell her, and don’t forget to make a move for s*x later in the night.

2. She “accidentally” reveals some skin:Have you ever been in the room with your girlfriend when she was changing her clothes, and she seemed to linger in her panties for just a moment too long? If so, she was probably inviting you to initiate s*x with her. The key with this move is to spontaneously take advantage of the moment. Just throw her on the bed, start giving her foreplay, and have s*x with her right there. Trust me, she’s going to love you for realizing how badly she wanted s*x.

3. She “accidentally” rubs against you:This is another subtle way a woman will try to arouse your desire, by “accidentally” rubbing against you. This signal may be a little difficult to pick up if you’re not attuned to it. However, once you recognize it, a lot more opportunities for great s*x will come your way. Look for subtle signals like this your girlfriend might be sending out, and be ready to take advantage of them.

4. She becomes unusually responsive when you first touch her:Have you ever found yourself in a scenario where you started kissing your girlfriend, and she gave a little moan and started rubbing your body a little? If so, she probably wanted s*x. Again, the difference here can be very subtle and easy to miss if you’re not looking for it. What you should watch out for is any small noises or S3xual movements which she normally would not make when you first touch her or kiss her. Some women will also look at you with that “take me” S3xual eye contact to let you know.

5. She’s especially excited or irritable:This is the most difficult one to figure out, since it’s so counter-intuitive. Sometimes, your girlfriend would seem irritated or full of manic energy for no reason, and if you’re not attentive enough, you might just assume she doesn’t want s*x. Wrong. Think about how you feel when you’re really H0rny, but can’t have s*x … don’t you get irritated about little things which normally wouldn’t bother you? Women go through same thing, only more intensely. Recognizing that this type of behaviour is usually caused by repressed S3xual desire is a huge breakthrough for a lot of guys. Instead of yelling or arguing with her (which would just piss her off and make her more S3xually frustrated), just eliminate the real source of her frustration by initiating s*x. It would make her much happier, and also lead some great s*x in the process.


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