SPONSORED: ‘Train The Trainers’ Project, Nigeria: How To Register For Training

Last year, I asked for expression of interest for the ‘Train The Trainer’s program to take place in Nigeria to which you responded but due to some issues relating to logistics, the program was postponed.

I am happy to inform you that in conjunction with the organization - From School to Work Africa, we will be running the program in October 2017.

This is just to contact you to reconfirm your interest in the ‘Train The Trainer’’s Project.
Could you please respond to this mail as soon as possible to reconfirm your interest?

The mail should be sent to

We expect to receive all responses within the next 3 weeks.

Kind Regards,
Vicky Omifolaji
Executive Director
Life Skills Programs

Life Skills Programs – ‘Train The Trainer’ Nigeria Chapter.
Participating and successfully completing this training will allow you to become an Accredited Life Skills Program Trainer.

Position Description
A Life Skills Programs Trainer is required to provide quality training, support and some counseling to clients through the use of helpful, effective communication skills and active participation.

Key duties of a trainer will include conducting full psychological assessments of clients, appropriate record keeping and administrative duties.

A certified trainer will be able to demonstrate initiative and responsibility for individual professional development.

A minimum of first degree or entry-level Master's degree in Social Sciences, Education, social work or psychology

·        Basic Computer skills e.g. Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint
·        Experience working with young people 5years old and above
·        Experience delivering training to youths
·        Effective facilitation and communication skills
·        Confidence, flexibility, patience and empathy to effectively lead the life skills lessons.
·        Enthusiasm for working with disadvantaged and at-risk youth

During the ‘Train The Trainers’ Program, trainers will learn newly acquired skills under the supervision of Master Trainers.

The ‘Train The Trainer’ workshop will reflect the interactive and the participatory methods that the trainers will be expected to use when working with young people.

The ‘Train The Trainers’ workshop will encompass the instructional phase led by the master trainers followed by a practicum phase where each trainer candidate has the chance to lead one life skills lesson in front of the group.

Registration Fees: N12,500
If interested, please pay your registration fees into the nominated account, the details of which shall be provided to you soon.

After successfully completing the intensive 2-day training program (12 hours), there is going to be a certificate presentation ceremony whereby all the participants will be presented with a certificate of achievement.

My name is Vicky Omifolaji, the Executive Director for ‘Vicky Omifolaji Consulting’ based in the state of Victoria, Australia.

I am a trained psychotherapist with about 20 years of experience. I set up a consulting and life coaching business around five years ago helping people to realize their dreams, supporting them to achieve their goals and providing them with life tools to use for them to move from where they are to where they want to be.

I provide consulting services to businesses and individuals helping them to realize their dreams.

I am also the author of numerous books including ‘Positive Self-Esteem – A Guide To A Better You', ‘Not Today, You Bully’ (Children's picture book), ‘Dumpland’ (Children's picture book), ‘Liar's Caucus’ (Children's picture book), ‘Empowering Children Against Bully’ and my latest book titled ‘When Parents Separate – Easing The Trauma For Children’.

The life skills programs were established in Melbourne Victoria in Australia in 2010. Initially, the focus was on young people from ages 5 to early 20s but to my delight, it has since grown. Since we started the program, over 500 young people had gone through the program with so much positive feedback and positive life changing experiences.

Under the Life Skills Programs banner, we have the following programs:

‘Coffee n Company’
Life Skills Clinic
De-Stress Retreat for working mothers
Life Skills for Young People – let's catch them young
Parenting programs

For now, Life Skills Programs for Young people is what the ‘Train The Trainer’ Project will be focusing on. Life Skills Programs with tag-line “Catch Them Young” because we believe that emotional intelligence is more important than having a high scholarship IQ.

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to identify and manage your emotions and the emotions of others. Pushing children through school at early ages does not give them the opportunity to be in tune with their emotions. Unfortunately, these skills are not taught in schools.

Life Skills are a comprehensive set of universal cognitive and non-cognitive skills and abilities, connecting behavior, attitudes and knowledge that young people can develop and retain throughout their lives. Life Skills increases young people's well-being and help them to develop into active and productive members of the community.

There is evidence that both cognitive and non-cognitive abilities determine social and economic success for young people and adults. As a result, comprehensive training programs that combine in-class employability and life skills lessons with practical hands-on experience have higher rates of success defines as improving the probability of obtaining employment and higher income.

The program is to assist in helping develop important life skills in young people. The life skills include:

Ability to believe in themselves
Ability to handle their feelings
Ability to make and keep friends
Ability to cooperate with others
Ability to foster respect
Ability to resolve conflict which in turn builds resilience
Employment preparation
Planning for the future
Coordination of your life plan and program
Personal development and skills training

LSP is an informed and focused program targeted at young people with the view of reinforcing the importance of obtaining life skills in the formative years.

We could see a gap, and our job is to fill in the gap which is why we have decided to set up a Life Skills Programs in Nigeria.

Interested entrepreneur and education specialist are invited to buy the franchise. The ‘Train The Trainers’ Project is for us to’Train The Trainers’so that they can be available to deliver training to support the Life Skills Program owners to employ.

How it works for the Trainers:
Step 1 – Learn
Step 2 – Work
Step 3 – Achieve & Celebrate


                      Vicky Omifolaji
                 [Executive Director]

                   Evangeline Tocknell

                        Larissa Hippwel


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