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There are lots of seminars, symposia, workshops, etc., here and there and often a time, people attend such seminars, symposia, conferences, and what have you, without taking anything home as benefit from such gatherings and most especially considering the huge amount we must have paid to be part of such gathering.

Spoiler alert, the time has changed. This is your chance to get things right when you attend this year’s Annual Education Conference #aec2017 themed sponsor a teacher.
Cluster4Kidz limited is making this year’s edition a very remarkable one you can’t afford to miss. Read the details below.

We are a Child Development Consultancy concerned with Early Childhood Development. We believe that the foundation for every child is crucial and must be taken seriously. Moreover, the quality of the teacher/caregiver bear great impact on the children they teach. So we are working to create this awareness here on the Plateau and Nigeria as a whole.

UN Child Development Index Shows that Nigeria is one of the worst countries when it comes to children. They determine this by how much access children have to education and other determinants. It’s also interesting to know that our position in this survey has being getting worse, not better.

On behalf of Cluster4Kidz Limited, I am pleased to inform you about our 1st Annual Early Childhood Conference: Breaking Learning Barriers, to be held at The Wild Bunch, Jos, Nigeria on December 7th - 9th, 2017.

This conference will bring together Educators and other Child Care Providers from around the country (especially the Northern and Middle Belt Regions), to discuss important issues related to Early Years and Approach to caring for children in this age group. Planning for children’s Development and Learning in the Early Years is critical in building a strong foundation. In light of this, speakers will include representatives from the Ministry of Education, UNICEF, Private Schools Association, Health Care Professionals, UK/US Educators and the University of Jos.

We would like to solicit your support in sponsoring at least a teacher/caregiver/students to attend this conference. Please review the document below and consider joining us for this important opportunity to contribute to the quality of children’s education in our community. Together let us empower as many teachers as possible as the future of the Nigerian child depends greatly on the quality of teachers and of education generally.

I would be most appreciative of an email or phone call to let me know of your interest as soon as possible for planning purposes. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for considering this request.

Aim And Objectives Of The Annual Education Conference
1.         To create a forum for Educators, Teachers/Caregivers and Parents to brainstorm on ideas that will bring about a great improvement of education in the North and Nigeria as a whole and to explore the different barriers learner face and proffer solution(s).

2.         To stir up a sense of professionalism in teachers

3.         To create a network of focused, determined and selfless educators and teachers constantly working to better the lives of the children in their care

4.         To address the challenges (health, financial, emotional, mental and so on) teachers have that affects their performance and discharge of duty which in turn adversely affect their output and products (the pupils/students)

There will be four (4) Areas of Education at the Conference namely;

1. Early Childhood Education (Keynote Speaker- Dr Katrina Korb, Early Childhood Education, University of Jos, also works with Dr McCain)

2. Special Educational Needs ((Keynote Speaker- Helen Oshikoya, Certified Assessor/Special Education Trainer, Nobelova Gradani PsychoEducational Services, Lagos)

3. Education Leadership and Management (Keynote Speaker- Dr Stella Adagiri, Portsbridge Education Services, UK)

4. Health & Safety (Keynote Speaker to be confirmed)

There will also be Twelve (12) Parallel Sessions and Two (2) hands on Workshops.

TOPIC: Breaking Learning Barriers
DATE: 7th - 9th Dec. 2017.
TIME: 12:30pm-4:00pm Day 1; 9:00am-4:00pm Day 2; 9:00am- 2:30pm Day 3.
VENUE: The Wild Bunch, Jos, Nigeria
COST: N18, 000 per participant

NOTE: The cost includes refreshments and lunch, Course Materials and Resources, transportation to and fro the venue, from 1 Miri Drive, off Rayfield Road and more.

Yours respectfully,

Victoria Friday Williams
Project Coordinator

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