Checkout Three Confirmed Secrets Every Girlfriend Is Hiding From You

Secrets Your Girlfriend Is Hiding From You

Your girlfriend has secrets she cannot confide in you not because she doesn't trust you but because it's a women thing. Even the most sincere lady out there hides a lot of her thoughts and feelings from her partner. There are so many things she thinks and feels but would never say.

Women have their hidden fears, fantasies, exes, and insecurities which they never voice out. At least not to you the boyfriend. You can try to figure it out on your own but they rarely ever give you access to their secret chamber of thoughts.

Checkout 3 secrets your girlfriend is keeping from you.

1. She Love It When You Are Jealous

Your girlfriend will never give you an idea of how much she loves the look on your face when you are jealous. They are not looking for a crazy maniac jealous man, but someone who is possessive about them.

If you find your girl flirting lightly with a dashing guy in a party or at the bar, she just wants to hear ‘you are mine’ from you. Yes, these women do have this twisted idea of winning their guy by flirting with others.

Once you tell them about your feeling of jealousy they will come running to you happy and satisfied. They have achieved what they wanted from their flirting game.

Secrets Your Girlfriend Is Hiding From You

2.  Her Bestie Knows Everything

That is another forbidden secret. Girls share each and every detail of their relationship with their best friends. Their besties know everything, literally everything.

Many men will get offended with this idea, but that’s how it is. Women need to confide into their besties. It is their nature. Your girlfriend’s bestie will know all her secrets, her past relationships, how she is getting along with you, means each and everything. And of course, she is not going to let you have an idea what details she has shared with her bestie. Even if your girlfriend is about to breakup with you, her bestie would know much much before you.

If you are planning to talk to her bestie about your girlfriend’s past or about her relationship with you, hold it right there. She is your girlfriend’s bestie, not yours.
Secrets Every Girlfriend Is Hiding From You - ACE SAID SO

3. She Compares You With Her Ex

Consciously or unconsciously, women are always comparing their present love with their ex. They take ages to get over their ex boyfriends. But definitely, she is not going to let you have an idea about this, ever.

Women do realize that past relationships need to be forgotten in order to move on with life. They usually forgive their exes but can’t help forgetting the details about him and their relationship with him. They are constantly comparing their present relationship and their life partner with their ex, and most of the time it is you who wins, but they can’t just help comparing the two of you


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