WATCH | How To Prepare Your Own Plantain Peppersoup

How To Prepare Your Own Plantain Peppersoup
Hello foodie, so you're back again? It's good to have you here. 
In this DIY, We go all the way down to Sisi Yemmie's kitchen as she walks us through the process of preparing a sumptuous Plantain Peppersoup. She no dey fall hand. Bella Naija tried it out and gave us a first hand reassurance that "this recipe is addictive!"

The ingredients needed for this delicacy include Plantain (semi-ripe or unripe), goat meat, fresh pepper (preferably), beef seasoning, small salt, some onions, and of course scent leaves and basil peppersoup spice

Catch a glimpse of the vlog below.


  1. By mundicious;

    Wow, this looks amazing already,
    can't wait to try it at home.
    Thanks for this amazing tip.

  2. Ayyaaaa... Now I too can cook! Hurrying off to go try this one out.