WATCH | How To Prepare A Sumptuous Oha Soup

No no no don't dare me, don't try to tempt me. Everybody loves food. See how speedily you jumped on this post. Well, slow down. You can make something as catchy and delicious as that. See ehn, I don't joke with food.

Dear husband man or wife material, join me today as I would be sharing with you a tutorial on how to prepare Oha soup on your own. Yes! It's a do it yourself session.

Well I bumped into the exciting video of Sisi Yemmie as she made magic in a pot while preparing 'Oha Soup'.

Catch a glimpse of Sisi Yemmie as she walks us down the steps to preparing a mouth watering Oha Soup that would erect your taste buds Check out her Vlog below.

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