WATCH | Tosin Teaches How To Make Strawberry Parfait With Fruits & Nuts 😋

Tosin Teaches How To Make Strawberry Parfait With Fruit & Nuts
Hi there 👋. I know you probably have exotic cravings for fancies like pizza, burger, parfait, gelato, sharwama or even chicken and chips. Did I call them exotic? We usually don't get to satisfy some of these cravings because we either cannot afford them or some how don't know hot to get it. But here's the thing we don't look at; a lot of these things can be made right inside our kitchens and would be even tastier and safer than those we buy outside.

Now in this Do It Yourself Healthy Living tutorial, Tosin Ajibade walks us through the process of how to make Parfait using yogurt, fruits and nuts. 

Check out this short easy tutorial video below and be sure to it it out yourself. The ingredients needed here include: Yoghurt, Apples, Desiccated coconuts, Coconut flakes, Strawberry, Raisins, Brown sugar and Cashew nuts (You can adjust the ingredients when making yours 😋)


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