How To Steal Meat From A Hot Pot Of Okro Soup 🀣

How To Steal Meat From A Hot Pot Of Okro Soup (ACE SAID SO)

Nostalgia has got me sharing this post. A lot of us from older generations would probably laugh this one off as I share a method, mostly known to the Eba generation and uncommon to the Indomie generation. 🀣

Stealing meat from pots of stew and soups was very common back in the days when an idle mind was the devils workshop. These days, I don't know anymore.

This post is just for fun. It is not even for educative purpose so don't try it. I won't be responsible for your actions when when you eventually get caught. 

Someone actually drafted this post and shared on a Facebook page and I could help share it with you. Please feel free to let us know if any steps were omitted via the comment section below.

My dear ex or aspiring soup vandalizer, here's how to steal meat from the pot πŸ˜‚ as instructed by Adebisi Anthony

1. Enter the kitchen, look left and right if somebody is coming.

2. Check the position of the spoon how you met it so you will not make any mistake while leaving.

3. Open the pot gently. Don't let the cover drop or make any sound oh.

4. Count the meat inside if it is up to 5 or more. The lesser the meat, the more likely for your Mom, to detect a missing piece. Take one if it if is more but if it is less than 5, just bite them. As in, use your teeth to slim shape them. Bite small from all the lumps of meat so that if they count it, it will still be the same number then cover the pot slowly.

5. While eating the stolen piece, let your ears be at alert to hear footsteps oh. Don't let the soup stain your cloth or touch anything in the kitchen. If it does, quickly rush and wash that shirt to remove any traces to you.

6. After eating it, wash your hand with soap and smell it 5 times to know if it is still smelling soup soup.

7. Blow hot air from your mouth to perceive if it is smelling for soup.

Don't worry about that, just go to the container of garri, take some garri and chew it or chew garlic to kill the odour.

8. Now leave the kitchen like a saint.


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  4. Emekaonyetope @gmail.comApril 7, 2021 at 9:57 PM

    You forgot to advise them to carry out the operation mainly at night when everyone is asleep or in the afternoon when everyone is out

  5. Look left, look right.

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