RELATIONSHIPS: When You Find A New Heart ❤️

This is truly from my heart, and this is why I won't get tired of saying it.

When you meet a new heart and you discover you are in love with it, what wise people do is to take a careful look at that heart and see how things are arranged. If there is nothing you are bringing into that heart to make it better, gently leave it the way you met it. 

While you are at that, allow her to equally look through your heart and make the same decision as you did. Don't expect her to love you simply because you think you love her. If your love is genuine, she will see it. No one sees a genuine love and not reciprocate even if it may not be the way you expect it to be reciprocated. 

You have worked so hard to make enough money. We all love money. But in matters of the heart, do not think money is heart and heart is money. Some people have turned down a multi-Billionaire for a man earning 50k per week. Some have turn down a man earning 50k per week for a billionaire. The difference is not counted in money but in choice, and no one's choice is better. Every choice has its own challenges. 

As funny as it may seem, one of the toughest decisions a man would make is choosing a wife. On the flip side, one of the easiest decision is choosing a girlfriend. The way men think when asking a girl to be their girlfriend is not the way they think when asking a girl to be their wives. This is why the women most men end up marrying, may look nothing close to the women they once dated. 

And if you are a woman and you think all your mates are getting married leaving you behind and immediately you conclude that you have a spiritual problem, that may just be the beginning of the real spiritual problem because you will soon see yourself jumping from one pastor to the other over nothing... And looking so unkept due to all the fasting, prayers and vigils you have been given to do. That alone is enough spiritual problem. 

At the end, as hard as it is to accept, not all women will find husbands, and not all men will find wives. Again, not all married men and women will remain married till death, and not all those who remained married till death may find true happiness. 

Finally, this life is not about what my mates are doing or not doing, this life is about you and God. The more you keep comparing yourself with another, the more your "spiritual problems" keep increasing. 

Don't be desperate for anything except if that thing is to show more love, genuinely.

Photo Credit: Uche Asogwa MLGV

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