Here's Why Men Are So Obsessed With Achievement

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If you've ever wondered why men endlessly strive to be successful, then this post is will provide a universal answer to your question about men.

A Tweep gave this shocking revelation about men and why they are soo obsessed with achievements. Take a read of the abridged version below.

The reason men are so obsessed with achievement is because nobody cares about men - including the majority of men. The closest thing you can get as a man to being cared about, is being cared about because you're useful - implicit to the role of provider; which is not being loved for who you are, but what you can do.

True love is very rare. Most people are just using each other out of practicality. Many people don't even believe in true love. 

Some of my male followers would give me adverse criticism for saying there's no such thing as true love because it's some kind of myth or Disney fairytale. But I don't care. I do believe people can like one another deeply for impractical reasons. It's just improbable. 

Men have no inherent value. Women and children are valued simply for existing. This is why boyhood to manhood is an especially rough transition for males. Because they're no longer loved simply for existing. Their worthiness must be proved, or they're nothing. 

Women preserve their value, men create it. This is why the average woman is more valuable than the average man, especially in a society which favours women over men. This is why the feminist arguments that focus on inequality are trash. They only focus on the winners. Women, in their infinite desire to upgrade, are blind to the men beneath them, and obsessed with the men above them.

This translates politically as demanding special privileges for women in general, because a minority of men dominate the majority of positions of power. It's idiotic!

Those 'few' men earned their position and so when even the remotest inkling of compassion is linked to one's competence, you will literally breathe to succeed, obsessing over achievement.

Men need love too. Success isn't a lifestyle choice for men - it's a matter of life and death. But for women, it's a lifestyle choice.

A woman who fails in academia or business can just give up and become a mother. She will still be wanted for who she is - a woman.

Who is interested in a loser man? Absolutely nobody!

So of course men will always outdo women at the high end of society because they have to.

But the flip side to that is men who don't make it aren't even assigned a base level of compassion or human decency. They are an invisible underclass who end up being mocked by the society.

Culled from original post written by TellYourSonThis


  1. You said it all bro, this was in my thought yesterday, thank you for the clarity.

  2. I guess it's beginning to make sense when people say "being a man is not easy, That's why bobrisky (a Nigerian crossdresser) left".

    The pressure on the average man from all angles of society is just so overwhelming. Nobody want to talk about because at the end of the day you have to just "be a man".

    Thanks for this bro, so aptly articulated.