BOKO HARAM ARE NOW FULANI HERDSMEN: A Call For Surveillence And Self-Defense

When I wrote an article which I posted on facebook on 9th April, 2016 titled: “Benue Attacks Carried out by Boko Haram not Fulani Herdsmen”, most readers took the article for granted. I made it clear after a long investigation complimented by a series of interviews with sources whose identity cannot be disclosed on condition of anonymity, that the current Fulani Herdsmen killing people innocently are populated by Boko Haram.

I also made it clear that Boko Haram who have now become Fulani Herdsmen are planning to extend the attack in Benue to Enugu, Cross River and other parts of Nigeria. Few days after that article was posted, it was reported that Fulani Herdsmen attack some communities in Enugu and Delta State including other areas.

For those who read that article will agree with me that my findings were not wrong and I am still saying it again that those attacking and killing people claiming to be Fulani Herdsmen are Boko Haram and they have a very long plan to attack many communities even if those people are peace loving and hospital people.

We should not allow issues get out of control before we will begin to look for solutions. Boko Haram are now Fulani Herdsmen. The Fulani Herdsmen we used to know are no more the Fulani Herdsmen that we see today.

Boko Haram are now using cows as a way of studying the communities they want to attack. By the time they take those cows round the village or community, they will know which direction to come from for attack, how many attackers they need to carry, the kind of weapon and the numbers to carry, they also study the number of houses in the area, the strength and weakness of the people. That is why when they attack, survivors are rarely seen because they gather their information and hit very hard.

I am calling on all communities, individuals and youths to be more surveillance and prepare for self-defense as these killers prefer attacking at night when people are asleep since that is the easiest way they can kill a large number of people.

I am also calling on security agencies to take this information very seriously as the worse is yet to happen but can be prevented if we all work together to protect our communities.


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