READ: 10 Must Haves For Your Living Room

It's your most public space. You greet company, entertain friends, and hang with the family. Sure, you can count on the sofa, the coffee table, and a few additional seating options. But the room needs to be personalized through decorative touches.

Checkout my top 10 list of essential things every living room needs.

1. A side table 

A simple accent piece doubles as a geographically-convenient (and temporary) spot for all the necessities for a little lounge time.

2. Coffee Table

A well-curated table keeps essentials on hand - minus the clutter. Stick to things that make like favorite books, vases, or trays. No, the remote control does not count as an essential.

3. Colors - Pops of Color

Offset a neutral palette with hints of an eye-catching hue. It's the key to an instant uplift.

4. Gallery of Frames - Something on the walls

We're all about the walls. Gallery of frames. One eye-catching print. An oversized mirror. Choose to decorate with pieces that will make the space totally your style.

5. Good Seating Arrangement

Is it a small space or large space? We can't stress this enough. It's important to think about the shape of your room and its function. Arrange for how you will be using this area.

6. Light Fixtures

A little lighting goes a long way. If you don't have a ton of natural light, then bring in table lamps to set the right mood for your space.

7. Painted Walls

A can of paint really is the easiest way to add personality to a room. As for the color, well, that's up to you.

8. Personal Touches and Collections

Dedicate some shelf space for an edited assortment of pieces that reflect your personality. Throw some favorite framed photos to the mix as well.

9. Shelf - a place for the books

Your collection of first editions aside, designate an area to feature a few choice titles that complement your style.

10.Window Treatments

An empty window space is an incomplete one. Dress the frames with a set of drapes to maximize the height of the room, providing it with a simple yet elegant finish.


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