READ: Five Apps You Must Uninstall From Your Android Phone

Android phone users have access to unlimited numbers of application. Due to this, there is the tendency to indiscriminately download apps whether they are relevant or not. If you have downloaded a large number of apps which you cannot keep track of, perhaps it is time for you to get rid of some of them., Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal lists several apps you should uninstall from your phone.

Antivirus apps
Not all apps you download are key to the performance of your phone. For example, you do not need an anti-virus to protect your android phone. You already have the Android Device Manager that protects your it. The only time you need is when you are downloading and installing APK files.

Battery savers
Battery savers are meant to reduce the rate at which you are using your battery closing running apps. But, the fact still remains that it doesn’t save any battery because when your battery is flat, the battery saver cannot extend your battery life. It is better to get rid of it. You may only retain for the advice it offers when a particular app is consuming too much battery.

Cleaning App
Normally, a cleaning app is to increase the performance of your phone. What is the cleaning app doing? It is just to clear cache and remnants of an uninstalled app from your phone to free up space. You can clear the cache yourself on your android phone by going to Settings > Storage > and tap Cached data. This will help free up more space compared to the app.

Default browser
The default app is usually the web browser. But, if you are keen on saving your data, you should download opera mini. It is perfect browser if you want to manage your data usage.

Facebook app
It easy to use the Facebook app to update your profile and keep in contact with your friends. You cannot miss notifications, and birthdays if you use the Facebook app. This app consumes so much battery and data. It is better you remove it and use the browser version to save your battery and your data.

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