SCAM ALERT: Beware Of Fradulent Messages From Fake MMM Officials

Following the alleged crash/freezing of MMM Nigeria accounts, some people have seized the opportunity to defraud unsuspecting MMM participants of funds in their MMM accounts through text message.

The message solicits for participant's account details so as to help rectify/refund the money in the frozen account. 

The Message thus reads:
“Dear Participant, in line with our current frozen of all MMM Mavro, kindly send the following details
1. ?Your MMM full name
2. ?Your MMM Phone NO:
3. ?Your MMM Email
4. ?Your MMM Password
To crooffice.su@yahoo.com To enable the CRO and support Team Secure your Mavro for next (GH) starting from 14th Jan. 2017
Best Wishes
NOTE: Please, kindly ignore such messages as they are from scammers. Do not provide any of your details to anyone, not even to Sergie Mavrodi the CEO of MMM.


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