Meet Princess Linda Moses CEO MolinTV As She Talks About Her Past With Anthony Joshua

Princess Linda Moses is the CEO of globally trending celebrities’ and entertainment blogs Gossip Afro and Molin TV

She is a US-Nigerian blogger and a CEO per excellence. Recently, she opened up on what her marriage life would look like if she had ended up marrying World Heavy Weight Champion, Anthony Joshua.

Linda stated that hooking up with Anthony Joshua was the best thing that ever had happened to her but taking a look at the entire spotlight scenario, she was of a different view to it all. She believes in modesty and keeping things simple away from the media and its propaganda. Little wonder why her story with the World Heavy Weight Champion is quite untold.

Princess Moses is the founder and CEO of two globally rated and highly read blogs. Her blog Molin TV features the hottest views, reviews and interviews with foreign celebrities from all around the world. The blog actually got endorsements from favorite Hollywood sweethearts, the likes of Kevin Hart, Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande, Mariah Carey, and of course Dwayne Johnson.

The nurse-blogger as she is fondly called, is high enterprising and multi-talented personality who has proven herself as a multi-tasking expert. She is an Accountant, a Practicing Nurse, and a Writer.

She is also notable as an employer of labour as her two blogs have paved the way for a good number of Nigerian youths to get busy.

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