How Corruption Recruits A Fighting Force Waiting For A Command

Zoning and rotational leadership are serious problems in Nigerian political system. To say that the North wants to rule perpetually is to miss the mark. Rather it is corruption, selfishness, greed and injustice leading to votes not being counted that caused this problem. So those placed in advantageous positions simply assign votes in their favour and declare them as votes to tally with the population of their areas. To correct this, we say that the very structure is to be re-structured with legislations that would take care of minority interest so that nobody is intentionally or systematically marginalized.

If oil producing areas were fairly treated, if the minorities were not marginalized, if there were free and fair elections where every vote counts, if some Nigerians were not regarded as second class citizens or as visitors/strangers as if they were foreigners, if nepotism, ethnicity and religion never played key roles in governance, Nigerians would not be agitating for restructuring and the Igbos would not be agitating for Biafra.

By: Terfa Naswem


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