Keep Yourself And Family Safe This Election Season With The Following Tips

As the 2019 elections draw are fast approaching and we have taken out time to share some we culled up tips that would help you stay safe before, during and after the electioneering process.

We love our esteemed readers and would not want to lose anyone of you to the seemingly usual cases of election and post election violence.

We listed very breathable tips that will sure keep you alive and safe all the way. Bear in mind that God Almighty is the ultimate protector. But heaven surely helps those who help themselves.

1. Do Not Argue About Politics in Public

2. Always Get Back home On Time

3. Do Not Criticize Any Politician

4. Do not Support or Wear Political Campaign Uniforms to polling unit

5. Don't Keep Late Nights

6. Always Listen to the News

7. Don't Disclose Who You Will Vote For at the Polls

8. Once You Cast Your Vote Go Straight to Your House

9. Don't Move About With Huge Cash

10. When Driving, Ensure That Your Car Central Lock is activated

11. Steer Clear Undefined Crowd or Groups of People

12. If You Must Hang out with Friends, Ensure that it is Safe to Do So

13. Don't Move About With Expensive Gadgets (Mobile Device)

14. Minimize Your Family Outings during Elections Period

15. Stock up Your Home with Food and water

16. Have Your Doctor's Number Handy

17. Cast Your Vote Once

18. Do Not Talk Recklessly At the Polls

19. Celebrate in a Civil Manner

20. Do Not Partake in Election Violence

21. Do not argue on social media groups

22. Do not panic or spread rumours. Always remain calm!

Please it is important that you take these election safety and security tips. So that you will not have yourself to blame at the end. Practicing all these (applicable) tips would only mean that you are relevant to the society.