BUSINESS: 'Joe Heman' Reveals 5 Annoying Set Of People That Ruin Businesses

Checkout this 5 Annoying People That Ruin Businesses
By: Joe Heman

One of the most important keys to running a successful business is hanging around successful and positive people. Unfortunately, after 7+ years running several small businesses, I have encountered 5 key and consistent traits in people that have hindered my business progress ranging from the overtly positive to the manic depressive. I have listed all 5 below and I hope that this article would help you identify these individuals so that you can cut them off real quickly - so you don’t waste as much time as I did with them.

Person #1: The Sycophant

Everything you do is great. You can do no wrong in their eyes. They always provide positive feedback even when something is clearly bad. They are normally family members and friends who don’t want to hurt our feelings…but they hurt our businesses instead. Some of their favorite words include “perfect” and “no issues at all.” Unfortunately too many entrepreneurs are attracted to these individuals because of their seemingly encouraging feedback.. but like wolves in sheep clothings these individuals are the greatest threat to your business. They make us feel comfortable and isolate us from the reality of our products. I am not saying positive feedback is bad, but your greatest way for a company to grow is through well structured and honest criticism. Stay away from the Sycophants!

Person #2: The Vampire, Leech and Blood Sucker

They want to get advice from you at all times of the day and drain your energy with incessant questions. But when you need their assistance or help they disappear. In biology we call that type of behaviour PARASITIC! You want to keep this people away from you and your business because their major goal is to take and take and take without giving and in the end your business will suffer! Surround yourselves with people who are willing to return the favor…in the end this cycle of support will help grow not just your business but their business. Stay away from blood suckers!

Person #3: The Cheap Skate

Everything is too expensive for them. If they are not getting it for free then it is not a deal. They are the first to disappear when a class or program requires payment. They are dangerous because their mind set is limited to the FREE and they would limit your business growth…by poisoning you with their self limiting thoughts. Now there is nothing wrong with doing things for cheap in your business…but there is a limit to where FREE and CHEAP can take you. For your business to grow you have to invest quality dollars into various aspects of the business and by hanging around people who flinch every time you spend money will slowly freeze your business growth.

Person #4: Mr. Advise

Aptly called Mr.Advise because these individuals are normally male…this is the person that has advice for every single idea you have! Problem is that they have never done it. And thus they would give you advice that seems good on the surface but is terrible in reality. One of my most critical rules to live by has and always will be…to primarily seek advice from people who have already done what I am seeking advice on! Simple but powerful. I cannot tell you the amount of times people have given me business advice that has ended up confusing me even more. And the one thing I noticed was that the source of my most confusing advice came from people have never done what they are advising on. Strive to stay away from the over advice giver…they may be using your business as an experiment. But if you have to listen to them…filter the data carefully!

If you want to go to Disney world, ask someone who has been to Disney world - Dale Wamsley

Person #5 Mr Negative

The sky is always falling in their world. Nothing you propose to them will ever work they are pessimistic about everything and discourage anything new or revolutionary. Avoid them at all costs! They would have killed the Facebook idea if they have a chance and would kill your new business idea before it even has a chance. They are the complete opposites of sycophants but are more dangerous as they can spread their negative energy into your business so much so that you begin to doubt the possible success of your business. Stay away from Mr. Negative!

In conclusion. we are pretty sure that at one point or the other in your business, you must have encountered quite a number of these individuals. If you have, kindly share your experiences with us in the comment section below.

Thanks as always for reading. We hope you have picked out one or two genuine lessons from this session. We also look forward to hearing from you.


  1. Nice read. We definitely have come across such people in our various workplaces. More importantly, we may be one of such people to our colleagues, self check is therefore important. Thanks again for this enlightening piece.

  2. Nice read. We definitely have come across such people in our various workplaces. More importantly, we may be one of such people to our colleagues, self check is therefore important. Thanks again for this enlightening piece.

    1. Thank you for your contribution. It is good to have a selfcheck as you have rightly pointed out.