WhatsApp Is Introducing Advertisements On Mobile Apps

As we all know, we have been running an ad-free WhatsApp since the social media platform was introduced in 2009. Things are however about to change as WhatsApp - the world's most popular third-party instant messaging app, plans to introduce adverts on their platform come next year 2020.

The plan was made announced during Facebook's recent Marketing Summit which held in Rotterdam. Facebook, who also own WhatsApp, have announced that they will commence running advertisements on WhatsApp next year 2020. 

It was pointed out at the summit that WhatsApp's Status feature will be displaying adverts when users try to view their contacts' status updates. There has been no confirmation to whether ads will appear as pop-ups or as slides or as suggested sponsored content as we have on Instagram Stories.

Be that as it may, as we go through the status updates of our WhatsApp contacts from next year, we should ready our minds to see advertisements which will fill up our screen space. But we might however be able to swipe up to view the contents on the adverts just as we do on Instagram.

We might be left to wonder if this could possibly mean the end of free WhatsApp. What other options could possibly replace this instant messaging giant effectively?

What do you think about this new update; Should we welcome this development? Kindly let us know by dropping your comments in the comment section below.

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