Nigeria Launches New Visa Policy | See What It Means

Great news as the Presidency announces the launch of a new visa policy in the country, broadening visa classes and allowing new practices.

The Personal Assistant to the president’s on New Media, Bashir Ahmad, took to his Twitter handle to break the news on the development. He wrote;
“President Buhari has officially presented Nigeria’s Visa Policy today, at the State House, Abuja”.
Confirming the update, Tolu Ogunlesi, who is the Special Assistant to the President on New Media, explained that the new policy allows for new short term visa classes, and visa on arrival. Here's what he wrote.
Nigeria today launched special Short Visa classes (single entry) for the following categories of people: Journalists Clerics Sportspeople Artists/Entertainers/Musicians Religious Tourists Humanitarian Workers Etc @nigimmigration promising speedy processing.
If you’re a Nigerian by birth but have had to give up your citizenship because your new country doesn’t allow dual citizenship (China, Isreal, India etc), you are now eligible to get a multi-year, multiple entry visa that allows you to visit Nigeria easily.
“There is no room to entertain any fears at all. Our security is guaranteed and our territorial integrity is not compromised.” — Minister of Interior @raufaregbesola. Nigeria’s new biometric Immigration System (MIDAS), launched 2019, is linked to INTERPOL & domestic watchlists.
Nigeria has now launched an “Investor Visa” Class: 5 categories: N3A, N3B, N3C, N3D, N3E
[Israelis by birth can acquire dual citizenships but people acquiring Israeli citizenship by naturalization — which is what would apply to a Nigerian who acquires Israeli citizenship — must first renounce their original citizenship]
Did you all know that until this new Visa Policy, Nigeria had ONLY ONE class of Visa – BUSINESS – for Students, Journalists, Academic Exchange, Artists, Musicians, Entertainers, etc. Now there are specific visa classes for all of these & NIS promises more efficient processing.


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