Paramount Pictures' ‘Sonic The Hedgehog’ Grosses $100 Million In Box Office

Over the weekend, Paramount Pictures premiered their new family movie ‘Sonic The Hedgehog’, and the video game adaptation set a ground breaking record after it grossed about a $100 million in worldwide premiere.

For obvious reasons Sonic the Hedgehog is rated the best ever film from a video game adaptation. Reviews from movie goers have pointed out 'Sonic' superseded expectations when compared to other video games or comic books' film adaptations.

The success is not much of a surprise especially considering that the release was postponed to three months in order to buy the filmmakers some time to redesign Sonic – the lead character. The postponement was due the the backlash the film director, Jeff Fowler, received after the release of the movie’s first trailer.

Following the release of the movie, critics have pointed out that the postponement turned out to be a great decision and this is evident in the outpouring of love Sonic is receiving.

Interestingly, the  grand opening of Sonic at The Box Office sets it above 'Birds of Prey' by Warner Bros which debuted last weekend and ranked No. 1 spot on Box Office charts with its $33 million debut.


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