How To Jailbreak An iPhone Using A Rooted Android Device

I know how much great this news is for you reading this. 

Root and Jailbreak are two common terms associated with Android and iOS respectively. Both actions when executed are used to gain privileges at the system level in order to unlock new features and give our smartphones an unknown level of seemingly infinite possibilities. These days, the process is pretty much less attractive considering that most of these functionalities are now available natively.

Notwithstanding, Some people still prefer the practice and a tool such as Checkra1n allows users to jailbreak just about any iPhone under iOS 12.3 or higher (from 5 s to X). 

The Checkra1n tool capitalizes on a flaw in the Boot ROM and not on the OS itself,  and it prevents Apple from correcting the exploit with a simple update.

A Reddit user just recently, discovered that it is possible to run the tool on Android in as much as the Linux kernel is up to date and that the device is rooted.

The Checkra1n tool will definitely pose no problem to anyone who is already accustomed to rooting and jailbreaking devices. Note that this manipulation can damage your device hence it is advised that know what you are doing before embarking on the experiment.
‌How To Jail Break An iPhone Using A Rooted Android Device
According to the Reddit user, the process can be accomplished in 8 'easy' steps, viz;

  1. Download Checkra1n files compatible with the rooted Android smartphone (depending on its architecture)
  2. Put the directory in the phone memory (in /data for example)
  3. Connect the two phones to each other with a suitable cable (a USB-C to Lightning cable from Apple works)
  4. Open a terminal application on the Android smartphone and type ” su ” to obtain super user (root) rights
  5. Type ” lsusb ” to verify that the iPhone recognition (the ID should be “05ac: 12a8”)
  6. Put the iPhone in DFU mode with the right key combination
  7. Check that the iPhone is still recognized (” lsusb “)
  8. Launch Checkra1n in CLI mode with the command “./checkrain -c
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