WhatsApp Has Launched In-App Payments For Users In Brazil

WhatsApp Has Launched In-App Payments For Users In Brazil

WhatsApp has just launched in-app payment options for people and small businesses in Brazil. The Facebook-owned company made the announcement in a blog post earlier this week.

WhatsApp wrote:
We’re excited to announce that starting today we’re bringing digital payments to WhatsApp users in Brazil. People will be able to send money securely or make a purchase from a local business without leaving their chat.
WhatsApp announced that digital payments are enabled through Facebook Pay and they plan "making sending money to loved ones as easy as sending a message, which could not be more important as people are physically distant from one another". 

The company said sending money or making a purchase on WhatsApp is absolutely free for people. However, merchants will pay a processing fee to receive payments.

The users will need to link their credit or debit card to their WhatsApp account. Their transactions are made secured with either a six-digit PIN or their fingerprint.

The instant messaging giants revealed that its digital payments support credit or debit cards from Banco do Brasil, Nubank, and Sicredi. Adding that they were working with Brazilian payments processor Cielo.  

WhatsApp said their digital payments are an open model which will allow it to add more partners in the future.

This comes after WhatsApp completed a successful test of a beta version in India.

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  1. Wow this is amazing. Let's hope it comes down to Africa.

    But why would whatsApp not develop the app and add more exciting features beyond what is obtainable? We now have to turn to GB WhatsApp ��