These Housemates Will Definitely Be Evicted From #BBNaija2020 This Sunday

This coming Sunday, we would get to see the pioneer set of housemates that would be sent packing from the 5th season of the Big Brother Naija reality TV show. #bbnaija2020lockdown

Last Sunday the show host announced a new twist to the TV show. Ebuka announced that all housemates would be put up for possible eviction after the Head of House games every Monday. It was also announced that the head of house and whoever s/he chooses as an assistant, would be the only two people who would be safe from eviction. 

It's been two weeks so far since the show commenced and some housemates have given us a reason to take sides with them while others have left us on the fence about their personalities.

I personally don't think all 20 housemates have been given fair share of the screen coverage, which has led to some members of the audience giving wrong judgement about them.

The housemates listed below are those I feel would most likely be evicted from the Big Brother Naija House this weekend. One of the reasons I feel that was is because of their lack of social media presence. They have no active fan base on social media rooting and campaigning for them when compared to the likes of Nengi, Kiddwaya, Ozo, Erica, Neo and Vee. 

In no particular order, the housemates who would most likely be evicted are;

#BBKaisha: Aside not having an active social media fan base, Kaisha has not given the viewers any cause to subscribe to her. She has been like a flat character so far. She's literally always in the shadows and never taking center stage or playing no lead role. She is only notable for having started a fight with Lucy and another time with Tolanibaj. Her fighting days might be over come this Sunday.

#BBTochi: Tochi is another housemate who goes without an active social media fan base. Although he has been quite participatory and active in the house, he seems to have no social media recognition and fans don't find him quite engaging because he hasn't given anyone a serious cause to root for him.

#BBWhatoni: Unlike the aforementioned housemates, Wathoni has been seen here and there. She made got some attention and a fan base after shooting her shots at Kiddwaya. She was also known to have fallen out with Ka3na in what was the first fight of this year's Big Brother Naija house. Lately, she has been working towards starting off something with Tochi nut fans feel like it's quite too late. If they both survive the eviction, they might have a chance to wax strong. For now, she has to fight for her stay by giving her fans something to hold onto.

#BBLilo: I really don't know what her she is known for aside clinging and gumming body with Eric. Their love life is growing sour already and it seems she is most likely coming home. 
#BBKa3na: The odds may seem unlikely for the eviction of Ka3na from the house. She is very famous for being troublesome with an 'I don't care' attitude. Despite her said exposure and bleh bleh bleh, I find her quite crude and arrogant. She is choleric and if given the chance, she would rule every housemate with iron hands. She has had the most fights a lot of housemates - usually over food matters. She kind of like to hoard food and wants to control everyone with food. She just does not seen to have much of of an active social media fan base.

So this is my list of housemates who would most likely be living the house. What do you think? Has anyone been omitted on the list? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below.


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