ALBUM: The Cavemen - Roots | 1001 Reasons You Should Get This Album 🥰

I have never been this drawn to Highlife music than I am now. So I was binge-surfing YouTube when I stumbled on this track with a very attractive art work and it appeared to be the best decision I have made so far this year.

Trust me, after listening to it, I jumped on the next song by same guys and it appeared to be am album - so I went for the full album and it was titled 'Roots'. The group go by the name The Cavemen - and what a remarkable name it is for their band.

They send you back, down the Afro Highlife memory lane and it doesn't stop there. It's a contemporary fuse of the original Afro Highlife and a modern style which doesn't distort the original essence.

Their sound is deeply rooted in the irresistible drums and guitar strums which reunite the four cardinal points of music in your head 😊 I don't know what that means 😅.

I found out the band is a group of two brothers, Kingsley Okorie and Benjamin James who are on a mission to bridge the generational gap between Highlife music of the past and the future.

Enough talk, get this album already. The Cavemen are here with Roots - their debut album. Download, listen enjoy and leave a review in the comment section below.
Roots is the Past, Present, and Future of Highlife music. Get it below.


  1. No hypes but these guys right her is dope. Track 16 is mahdddddd....... ��

    Please how can I get the free download link?

    1. Thank you for your feedback.

      Do well to support them by purchasing their tracks or album. It would go a long way to encourage them.