It's The Weekend: Check Out Mrs Kush's Homemade Suya Recipe

Check Out Mrs Kush's Homemade Suya Recipe

If you are a great fan of the most delicious night street snack ever and you care to learn how to do it yourself, then this recipe is yours sincerely.

Mrs. Kush takes on on a fun adventure on how to make your own spicy and mouth-watering suya in the comfort of your home.

For this recipe, we would be needing 300 – 500 gram of Beef,  Yaji (Suya Pepper),  some seasoning cubes, 100ml - 200ml of heart-friendly oil, onion, wooden skewers, cucumber, cabbage and tomato to garnish.

Ready? Catch a glimpse of the Vlog below.


  1. Hmmm yummy I must confess but as an arewa boi by association, I put it to you that na Aboki suya sweet pass😀😀😋

    1. There is absolutely no debate on this one... 😂 As an Aboki in the game I can testify.

      However this is you making your Suya at home