Rookie To Pro: Become a Professional Digital Marketer | SCRUTINEY

Scrutiney has put together the Rookie To Pro Digital Marketing Course, designed for business owners and those who wish to build a career in digital marketing. You will be taught the basis and core of digital marketing. And most importantly, how to apply it to whatever you do. You will learn the practicality of marketing any type of product, service, personal brand, or building a career in marketing.

The training is designed for:

  • Business Owners
  • Marketing Executives
  • Brand Strategists/Managers
  • Fresh Graduates
  • Digital Enthusiasts, Designers, Creatives
  • Traditional Marketers

Things you will learn include

Digital Marketing Foundation

Start by understanding how digital marketing works exactly; marketing research, setting clear marketing objectives, and identifying your target audiences.

Content Creation Strategy

Content is very core to successful marketing. You will learn how to plan, create and execute highly engaging content strategy (images, videos, blog posts, etc)

Social Media Management & Optimization

Understand how social media works; the best practices that can give you an edge and make you easily discovered by buyers. You will also learn about tools that can help you be more effective at managing your social media pages.

Mobile Video Creation

Videos drive a 157% increase in engagement and traffic. Learn how to easily make videos using your mobile phones.

Facebook & Instagram Ads

The best marketers do not just wait to be discovered by luck. They place their products or services before those who can buy. Reach more of your ideal customers using Facebook/Instagram ads. If you have had bad experiences in running ads, we have you covered.

Google My Business

Take advantage of Google’s large search volume by having your brand listed on Google My Business.

Marketing Strategy

You can’t afford to run your marketing just like everyone else. Learn how you can infuse creativity into your marketing.


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