The Perks of being a Pringle

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From the endless teasing on social media, to tons of novels and series being about finding love, lets face it singletons have it hard.
“ Wahala dey for the person who no get boyfriend/girlfriend"
“ Valentine’s is coming, where is your boo?”
“Even screenshots get taken, but not you”
“ You mean say nobody dey send you good morning/goodnight texts? Not even how was your day?”
I mean when you see comments like these almost on a daily, it makes you want to believe that something may be wrong with you for being single ( aka a Pringle).

These comments may start as jokes, but if you let them, like play play they can become a great source of discontent and misery in our lives.

Truth is, there’ll always be someone or something out there, trying to “pepper" you, (i.e making you long /try to do everything in your power, to change your single status) if you’ll allow it.

If you’ve been feeling kinda down, or just plain sick of being a pringle, I gatchu! If you’ve been looking for a sign to keep on happily pringling(if that’s even a word), then this one’s for you. Folks, here’s why being a pringle rocks!

  • Pure, undiluted freedom

You’re free to do whatever the hell you want, where you want, how and with who you want. The freedom to try cool new things, meet new people, spend your time and money however you please, without having to fulfill “partner” roles, sounds like a mighty perk to me.

  • Flirting without fear

This is hands down my favorite reason to keep pringling. * Grins. Being able to hit on people freely (with sense of course) and having tons of crushes, appeals to me very much. No worries about getting a partner all worked up, because guess what? We’re free!

  • Peace of mind

According to bestselling author, Susan Winters, “relationships are mentally expensive and take up a lot of space in our minds”. Many people inevitably worry about the wellbeing of their partners and while this is kinda sweet, it could become an added source of stress to our lives.

Plus, in this day and age where someone can just come on Twitter and claim your boo as theirs, the single life is the surest bet to avoid embarrassment.

  • Decision making is less complicated

You’d love to see a movie on a whim, or try out a new restaurant alone, or even travel but you’ve got to factor in your partner. As a pringle, you can easily make decisions that make you happy, without having to compromise.

  • You get to make YOU a priority

Getting to know yourself, your likes, dislikes, and areas of your life that need improvement is an opportunity you might not get, while in a relationship. Prioritizing you and learning to love your own company is a liberating experience, one that frees you from the need to chase others.

This post was culled from Medium and was written by Tosin Olawoyin

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