The Recycle Option: A Call To Action

I often catch myself feeling so much concern for the saturated market of product selling. Everyone is engrossed with selling one thing or the other, and people are of course buying the much their money can pay for. 

But how many of we the consumers, producers and marketers ever think of effective ways to dispose of, or recycle refuse and other waste materials, which if fully explored, could be another way of making money. This however would be of more benefit to our natural habitat than it would be to our yearning pockets. 

Plastic wastes are oversaturated and they are causing havoc on the streets. We find them inside oceans, drainages, and so on and we feel it doesn't concern us, yet un-ironically, we complain of flood, famine and polluted water. 

To solve this, I rather people started looking at recycling and waste management as money making consideration of that will drive their interest.

Written By: Jennifer Okoro
Photo: Anete Lusina from Pexels.com


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