Jennifer Okoro Writes 'Taming And Dining With Your Demons' | INSPIRATIONAL

The fact that you are often flighty, sometimes loved, often selfish, brutally blunt, a little off the hook and plentifully scared does not and should not diminish your worth. Even the creator of humans saw all of this and in his wisdom, the best gift to us was His unconditional love. He knows that a love with condition will not earn a place in this life. In His compassion the only way we can relate with ourselves is to love one another just as He who is spotless has loved us. 

My uncle once told me that you cannot conquer your demons, you can only learn to live with them - highly debatable, but the maxim from it is that, we cannot wish our flaws away, they will always come up every now and then, most times when we don't expect. But we can do well by taming them and never hide our beautiful traits. 

I'll leave us with Nikita Gill's quote which rings thus; 
"I hope you summon your courage and you invite your demons to tea, and you'll learn to listen to all their stories".

Written By: Jennifer Okoro
Photo: Dids from Pexels.com

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