Burna Boy Talks Charity and Setting Up Funds For #EndSARS Victims

Burna Boy has been featured as the cover star for the latest issue of Evening Standard Magazine. His interview partly featured talks about his charity and setting up funds for #EndSARS victims in Nigeria.

The interview rolled through talks about when he'd be dropping his next body of work, taking a break from the music scene, and so much more. Read excerpts from his interview with the British publication below.

When asked about his next album's due date and about quiting the music scene, the Nigerian Grammy award winner said;
They need to miss me a bit. ‘I’ll keep it real with you, I did want to drop an album, was working, and as always the music was coming, but I just thought: Why am I even doing this and what am I trying to prove? So, I’m chilling.

I’ll grow a big ass beard… and shave my head. I’ll get away from everything, and I’ll just be silent for a while. It goes a long way — like an iPhone charger for the spirit.

About his proposed charity funding for EndSARS victims, Burna Boy said;
It was a very weird time. I started getting phone calls: People wanna know why you’re not involved. Why are you not saying anything? But, as soon as I heard something I jumped into action. That’s who I am. I’ve been through so much at the hands of people that none of this is a surprise to me. You have to understand this: I realized, very early on, that if you’re fighting for someone then use only one hand. One to fight and the other to defend yourself from the person you’re fighting for!


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