Cover Story: Daniel Kanayo Daniel 'The Screen God' Is The Cover Star For Genius Mag (Vol. 5)

They say accidents are unexpected occurrences that bring you to events and situations you didn’t plan for. Accidents have always had a negative connotation. However, what happens when you get involved in an accident that places you on the spotlight to manifest your destiny? Providence, some have called it; coincidence! Others have opined but be it an accident or providence, or even coincidence, nature have used some accidental occurrences to mold people into whom they are today, and for some who are so smart to sustain nature’s ‘accident,’ the result have been a life of many rewarding achievements and of course, influence, impact and income.

Daniel Kanayo Daniel, the screen god who has graced so many television screens, couldn’t have believed he was going to become a screen god! Well, unless you were referring to being screened in an airport as a pilot! But that memorable day in 2009 when he followed his friend to an audition, his fate changed. He was transformed from just a young lad, modeling in the hope of a better tomorrow, to a superhero, taking his life into his hands and determining the course of his years. He has become a multiple award-winning actor, producer, two-time African Actor of the Year, a husband and a father. Daniel’s story is definitely something delightful to read.
On how it all got started for him, Daniel said:
“I was modelling before I left school. I was swinging modelling with school doing a few gigs for Zandas Cosmetics and some other companies. I did some Moroccan fashion shows for a while before linking up with a friend, Steiner Eunice Opara, who talked a lot about movies. One day she told me to drop her off at an audition venue and when we got there, she begged me to walk her into the venue because she was shy. I hesitated because I wasn’t interested in any of those movies stuff. After I walked her in and was about to leave, I heard someone call my name and naturally, I knew that I needed to respond to that call. I hesitated again especially after learning that the guy was the director of the movie my friend had come to audition for. He convinced me to rehearse one of the roles he had, because I had the look of the character he wanted. Reluctantly, I read the script and it appeared I had impressed both the director and his crew because he handed the script over to me and asked me to read it in my convenience and probably consider if it was something I would like to do. I left the venue with my friend who was really excited for me and later I got to realize that the director’s name was Kabat Esosa Egbon. That was the beginning of my movie career.”
About winning the AMVCA and AMAA Awards in 2016 and his big career break, he said:
“Before I won the AMVCAA and AMAA awards in 2016, my brand was already on the rise as a result of consistent good work. I was a very busy actor filming across the entire nation and even in England, but winning the AMVCA and AMAA gave my career a boost, a very timely boost. It exposed me to a lot of needed publicity. A lot more people in Africa and other continents got to know about me. I would say the awards were as a result of my hard work with the rest of the crew on the movie - A Soldier’s Story. I am grateful to everyone who worked on the project. Wow! It was such an important movie.”
Asked about his vision about Nigeria in the next decade:
“If I were a prophet right now, I would prophesy that Nigeria is taking over. We are so blessed with so many talented people, human resources, mineral resources, everything. We are a rich country. When I speak to people, I like to boast about how rich Nigeria is, regarding the problems. Maybe one or two percent of the population has all the money in the country but if we decide to be honest to ourselves, we will confirm that there is money in Nigeria. I see the industry taking over. Nollywood is going to be not too far from Hollywood in the nearest future.”


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