Join Jumia Market Affiliate Program Now + Earn N500 When You Sign Up and N300 Per Affiliate You Refer

Jumia Market, also know as Kaymu is Nigeria’s largest online social marketplace. Most recently, Jumia has rolled out an affiliate program which not only rewards affiliates for driving sales, but also reward them for referring affiliates. Besides that, you will earn N500 instantly if you sign up as an affiliate and your application is approved. This means you get paid for simply sending people to their site. 

So, this simply means you can earn money online in three ways as a Jumia market affiliate marketer :

When you Sign Up for Jumia market affiliate program (N500)
When you refer anyone to buy from Jumia market and the person buys via your unique affiliate link (N700 per sale)
When Kaymu approves an affiliate that joins the affiliate program through you. (N300 per referred Affiliate) 

According to the Jumia market affiliate manager, you will earn flat commission of N700 per product you sell through your affiliate link irrespective of the price of the item sold.

More so, if you get more than 100 valid Sales in one week, you will earn N1,500per transaction generated the following week.

You can easily get the codes of the banners & links for your promotions via the 'Promotion' tab on the affiliate dashboard.

Minimum payout of Jumia market affiliate program is N5,000 but the Jumia market affiliate manager informed me this morning, that it has been reduced toN3,000 to enable more young bloggers raise money and make money online in Nigeria.

The affiliate program features "Sub-Signup Stats" which allows you to view the downline of affiliates signed up under you as well as sales statistics of your sub-affiliates.

If you would like to earn N300 per affiliate you refer, you will have to recruit affiliates by making use of your unique sub-affiliate signup referral link.

You can get it by navigating to "Promotion' > "Advanced Tools" > 'Sign Up Sub-affiliates" after you signed in to your affiliate account.

Copy, shorten it and start promoting it on your blog and your social media channels.

Kindly note that it is different from your unique general affiliate link and your sub-affiliates must own a site, preferable Nigerian bloggers.

How Can I Sign In To My Jumia Market Affiliate Account?
You can click here to sign in to your affiliate dashboard.

Below is what I have earned so far from affiliates that joined through me before putting up this post on my blog.

Have you joined the Kaymu affiliate program?

If yes, kindly share your experience so far.


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