Eradicating Poverty In People’s Lives: E-Cooperative And The Golden Fleece!

In Nigeria the poverty rate is increasing rapidly. More and more people are losing their jobs and more are entering the job market with no actual hope of getting a decent job.

The picture everywhere is gloomy! This gloomy picture arises from decades of mismanagement and outright stealing of Nigeria’s resources by the leaders of Nigeria!

However, Nigeria is quite a large country both in size and population. The population is actually an asset such that if harnessed, the gloomy picture can disappear by Nigerians have to agree!

In the current terrible recession, a program called e-cooperative can help eradicate poverty indeed!

Those Nigerians who are willing to escape from poverty can cue into ecooperative and free themselves from the scourge of poverty.


Here is how E-cooperative works

E-cooperative is a system of peer to peer payment. You have to make a one-time deposit of N1000. 

This money is paid to someone in the system. If you log in after registration you will see who to pay. If you don’t pay within 24 hours, you will be deleted forever!

When you pay, you will have a link to register other people. 

You bring in four people. If you do not have people, then you have to wait for 7 days for the system to merge you with 4 people who will pay you, if you join this team ( . 

But it is always advisable to get 4 people that will enter through you for quick payment and upgrade.

When you get 4000 Naira paid to you, you can upgrade to the second level.

At the second level, you donate 2,500 to someone and you bring in 4 people. If not after 7 days the system will merge you with 16 people who will pay you a total of 40, 000Naira!

More illustrative Explanation of ecooperative

Stage 1

You give Jane [your sponsor] ₦1,000 and invite 4 persons to join you in the cooperative. This four persons will give you ₦1,000 each amounting to N4,000.

To move to level 2, you CLICK on upgrade and Anie’s account details appear. Note that the figurative Anie in the above diagram is the person who brought your sponsor [Jane]. You give ₦2,500 to Anie, and when the 16 persons that your initial 4 persons want to upgrade to level 2, you will receive ₦2, 500 from each 16 persons. What that means is that you will earn ₦40,000.

When you give Ifiok [the third person above] ₦5,000, you will receive ₦320,000 from your 64 persons when they are moving up to level 3.

When you give Emma [the fourth person above you] ₦10,000, your 256 persons when moving up to level 4 will give you ₦10,000 each summing up to ₦2,560,000.

Stage 2

The second stage is automatic. When you give Jane [your sponsor] N25,000 naira for level 5, you will receive N100,000 from your 4 down lines. When you give Anie N50,000 for level 6, you will receive N800,000 from your 16 persons. When you give N90,000 to Ifiok [your third person], you will receive N5,760,000 from your 64 persons. And finally, when you give N175,000 to Emma for level 8, you will receive N44,800,000 [Forty four million eight hundred thousand Naira] , and then you circle out.

You can choose to get into the system as many times as you like. The choice is yours! Click here to join:

Please Join E-Corporative to conquer poverty.

Thank you


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