READ: Thoughts Of A Teenager (II)

I am so sick and tired of these labels I see everywhere. Labels like feminism, sexism, racism, patriotism, tribalism, ethnicity, inferiority and every other label that are known in this world. I am tired of people preaching what they will never practice. I am so sick of people judging others when their lives are nothing to write home about. I am so fed up with people who always complain about corruption, when in their own locality their level of corruption is alarming and I am so hurt by how people treat and make other feel less than a human being.

Tell me why we deceive ourselves, why do we do things in certain ways, why do we treat others in certain ways, why do we assign labels to everything in this world.
Are we not all humans?
Were we not all born of a woman?
Are we not all equal in the sight of our maker?

Let me tell you no man is truly above his fellow man, true nobility is not being above your fellow man but being above your former self. I pray to see the day that we humans will survive, live and thrive together. I hope to live to see the day that humans will live in peace, love, harmony, prosperity and in bliss forever. I wish to see the day that things in our society will be earned and given based on merit and not on sentiments and connections. 

I do hope to see that very glorious and noble day even though it seems like I am just wasting my time writing this article. I do pray it comes through someday and somehow. I do wish for this to come to pass in the not too distant future.

- Genius


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