Princess Linda Moses Opens Up On Celebrity Lifestyle

If you don’t already know her, then your might be living in isolation of knowledge. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Princess Linda Moses, the Chief Executive Officer and Director of Top Blogs Gossip Afro and Molin TV. The last time we had her here, she talked about her intended relationship with Nigerian Born British boxer, no other person than Anthony Joshua… You didn’t read about it, Click here to catch all the details.

As a Nigerian based in the United States, she has had a fair share in the spotlight especially as it pertains to celebrity blogging. Yes she is a US-Nigerian blogger and a CEO per excellence. Not much of people can manage the celebrity lifestyle, I’m talking about staying behind the scene while still running the entire scene. For Princess Linda, it’s beyond a natural gift.

When top blogs the likes of TMZ, ET, Perez Hilton and so on are mentioned, I make bold to say that Molin TV follows suite. Despite the fact that she is a Nigerian based in the US, Princess Moses has bagged content endorsements from Hollywood sweethearts in the likes of Mariah Carey, Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande, Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart, who just got out of a sex scandal. Her honest and objective criticisms about these celebrities brought her into the spotlight. 

On her celebrity lifestyle, you would be amazed to discover that despite the pocket of influence and name she has built here and there, she has decided to lay low. In her own words, she says 
“I take great delight in modesty. It is a very substantial key to living happily and having your own privacy. I can’t imagine having my own life being run by the entire gossip media. Yea, it’s very true that I like to write about other celebrities and that is apparently because they’ve chosen to be in the spotlight. 
Trust me, some celebrities are in the spotlight not because they wanna be there and some are really wishing they could undo the whole public attention but it’s not going to be so easy… and for me I’m tryna keep low cause I know too well that the spotlight isn’t a good place to have some privacy. The moment you get in there, there’s no more you running your own life.”
When asked if she really meant modesty in the whole sense of it or if she was simply shying away from crowd, the nurse-blogger as she is fondly called, admitted that she still pulls some attention no matter how much she tries to lay low. She said,
“It’s quite embarrassing when you walk into a grocery store and someone’s like oh my gosh PLM is that you… and other people be staring at you like the heck is going on… I see how some folks worship celebrities and I tell myself, I don’t wanna be worshipped. It’s not cool at all. I mean to say, I love being the role model I am to people but not some goddess… not cool at all!!! I don’t wanna go crazy like some celebrity folks out there are already.”
Princess Linda Moses is more than meets the eye. She is an Accountant, a Practicing Nurse, and a Writer who is highly enterprising and multi-talented and has proven herself as a multi-tasking expert.

Her blog Molin TV features the hottest views, reviews and interviews with favourite Hollywood celebrities from all around the world.


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