Thursdaline Peter Is Teaching Women To Stand Against Domestic Violence Through Taekwondo

Self Defence advocate Thursdaline Peter, who is a Taekwondo fighter, self-defense trainer and a referee has embraced fighting domestic violence and it’s equivalents especially gender based abuses against the female gender, through her martial arts skills.

Thursdaline Peter happens to be the youngest taekwondo referee from Nigeria. She has received several awards here in Africa and across the Asian continent.

She has an academy known as Body Dynamics, she trains women to fight against domestic violence through taekwondo as a martial art. She says women should be able to stand for themselves in defence in the face of danger.

The Nigerian based self defence advocate is not limited to her academy alone, she has taken her advocacy to various secondary schools across the nation. In her own words, she said “It’s high time women were stopped being perceived as weak”.


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