Use These Important Apps to Handle Your Abusive Relationship Better

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First of all, we are very sorry to know that you are in an abusive relationship. If you have just recently gotten out of one too, we are very happy for you – and equally sorry that you were subjected to such a relationship in the first place.

There are a lot of plans, motions and play in place to kick against domestic violence in our society today – but more needs to be done. With the rate at which technology is advancing, it’s good to note that tech is also finding applications in addressing domestic violence in its own way. 

Unfortunately, it does not offer a holistic fix to the problem, but it does help out too.

Should you ever find yourself in an abusive relationship, here are some apps we believe you should totally get.


This app is not solely for abuse victims, but it can do a lot for them nonetheless. It comes in handy when you are dealing with a partner that has made it their duty to cut you off from friends and family alike. It is also the ideal pick for when your messages are constantly being monitored by the abuser, but you still have to get some word out in some way.

Wickr does all these by allowing you send messages that self-destruct and wipe themselves off your phone after a pre-set time. This leaves no trace of any conversation ever happening at all, making it impossible for anyone to know who you reached out to or what you even said – even if they had unrestricted access to your phone.

The messages are also encrypted from your end, making it possible for you to send them to the other party under a great deal of anonymity.


This will be an especially great pick for when you have gotten out of an abusive relationship and are now living alone. 

What the app does is allow you set up a network of people who can serve as your safety net should you need urgent help. Your safety net can be made up of your friends in or outside the workplace, and even your family. The app allows you share your location with others seamlessly, making it easy for you to alert anyone to where you are if you need help.

Perhaps the best feature of the app is the one that sends a silent alarm to your safety network if you don’t check in with them at a certain time. This will come in handy in containing harmful situations before they escalate into something too serious at all.

Finally, you can get rid of stalkers and other unwanted presences by activating a fake call feature embedded in the app. Using it at the right time, you can always see that to get out of uncomfortable situations or scare a stalker away.

One Love My Plan

Abusive relationships can be defined in a number of ways, but it might sometimes be difficult for you to see it for what it is when you are still on the inside. 

Sometimes, it is your desire to always want to see the good in your partner that blinds you from this simple truth. At other times, it might come down to you blaming yourself for whatever is going on so much that you don’t even give much thought to the abuse going on.

It is also not uncommon to think that your partner is just going through a phase and they will soon snap out of it. All of these are purely emotional responses – but you shouldn’t be punished by your emotions, and One Love My Plan is there to make sure that doesn’t happen.

The app is an action-based program dedicated to helping you make an assessment of your relationship to see where you stand. It is friendly for different age groups – especially the dating range – and we advise that you take the assessment if you are not sure where your relationship is at.

Circle of 6

That this app won the White House award in the Apps Against Abuse category is enough to underline its importance for this particular use case. We also love the practicality of the app in that you can do a lot with only two taps on your mobile phone.

While the name implies that you might need a network of six people, only one is enough. If you do have more trusted contacts to add, you can go ahead and make them a part of your inner circle. 

Circle of 6 is still being improved for better functionality, but it currently supports sending a pre-programmed message to the contacts you set up with your exact GPS location. You can also set up the app to link you through with national help hotlines at the tap of a button.

Aspire News

What better way to ensure you are always safe while planning your escape from the abusive relationship than with an app which recognizes how precarious that situation is? This is what makes the Aspire News app stand out.

To the untrained eye, it is just a regular style news feed application that helps you catch up with the happenings of the day. When your abusive partner is not looking, the Help section of this app is a gateway to a ton of resources that you will surely find helpful.

These resources are based on how to determine whether your relationship is abusive or not, guides on how to get out of the relationship, and so much more.


All the apps suggested above are all dedicated to making it possible to cope with your relationship in the best way possible until you find the safest exit strategy. Likewise, we have ensured all the apps here are not only free but also compatible with both Android and iOS platforms.

While using these apps will help you gain clarity and manage the situation better, they are not the cure. Work towards getting out, because no one deserves to be in such a relationship.

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  1. Hello dear. Thank you for this article. It is really insightful. Never knew there were apps that could step in in such situations. But do these apps work globally or they are restricted to locations?