Olawunmi Adegoke Shares 3 Tips On Dealing With Weaknesses

On this week's edition of dose on perspective, we share with you an opinion worth a good read. It is written by Olawunmi Adegoke, a budding Public Speaker and Self- Development Coach. Check out her thoughts on how to effectively overcome weaknesses in 3 simple steps.

She writes;
What’s that one thing that, if you overcame, will enable you to achieve your greatest dream? Could your weakness be fear, procrastination, or lack of self-motivation?

I have noticed that as individuals, we can easily pinpoint certain weaknesses that limit us from achieving our greatest desires.

But sometimes, people live in self-denial. Hence, they keep making the same mistakes over and over again. It is a very good practice to identify these things that make up for your weakness but it is more important to deal with them.

In this post, you’ll learn 3 practical ways to deal with any kind of weakness that may want to hinder your growth.

Identify Your Weaknesses
This means that you are aware that as an individual, you can point to things that are your weaknesses. Even when others are singing your praises, you know that some things need to be worked on. Even if you cannot personally identify them, speak to a mentor, friend, or someone who can give you a very honest evaluation of yourself.

Plan to Work on Your Weaknesses
I have learned from a mentor that the best way to practically achieve a goal, is to first set out an action plan of what to do. People keep living with negative self-limiting habits because they seldom make definite plans on what to do. They wish away what should happen – and wishes never get the job done. A good practice is to plan out a disciplined regime to help you deal with this habit. For example, in dealing with procrastination, your plan should be to do things immediately without wasting so much time over-analyzing the possibility.

Do it Any Way
Identifying and having a new growth plan is good. But much more than that, you need to take action to practically achieve the desired growth you want. Do what you want to do. The truth is, if you left to yourself alone without making a move, you will remain at the same spot, with the same self-limiting habits 5, 10, 15 years down the line.

In conclusion, we cannot be self-motivated at all times; we need a support system to help us out. To do this, I suggest that you speak to a mentor or close friend about your new plan. Speak to those who are concerned about your growth and can help you practically achieve it.

Culled from: Bella Naija


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